Transparency Seal 2016


SSC Compliance with Sec. 91 (Official Website and Transparency Seal) of Republic Act No. 10633 (General Appropriation Act, FY 2016) I. The agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information.

Agency Mandates, Vision, Mission and List of Officials

Annual Financial Reports

FAR No. 1 - Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances
FAR No. 1A - Summary of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations and Balances by Object of Expenditures
FAR No. 2 - Statement of Approved Budget, Utilizations, Disbursements and Balances
FAR No. 2A - Summary Statement of Approved Budget, Utilizations, Disbursements and Balances by Object of Expenditures
FAR No. 3 - Aging of Due and Demandable Obligations
FAR No. 4 - Monthly Report of Disbursements
FAR No.5: Quarterly Report on Revenue and Other Receipts
Physical Plan (BED No. 2)
BAR No 1: Quarterly Physical Report On Operation
Financial Plan (Detailed Statement of Current Year's Obligations, Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations)
  • 1st Quarter
  • 2nd Quarter
  • 3rd Quarter
  • 4th Quarter

Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation

System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals

Reports of Targets and Accomplishments PBB Updates

  1. Form A Cascading of Department Performance Targets
  2. Form A1 Details of Bureau/Delivery Unit Performance Indicators and Targets
  3. Form B Department Targets on Key Programs and Targets
  4. Form A Department Performance Targets (Accomplishments)
  5. Form A1 Details Bureau/Office Performance Indicators and Targets Units (Accomplishments)
  6. Form B Department Targets on Key Programs and Projects Targets (Not Applicable)
  7. Form C Agency Targets and Accomplishments  for Planning Tool Commitments (Not Applicable)
  8. Good Governance Compliance
    1. Transparency Seal
    2. PhilGEPS Posting
    3. Aging Cash Advances
    4. SSC Citizens Charter
  9. Form 1.0 Report on  Ranking of Bureau/Offices/Attached Agencies/Delivery Units

Good Governance Conditions

EO No. 80 states that the Inter-Agency Task Force under AO No. 25 will set the good governance conditions for the PBB on an annual basis. The good governance conditions are based on the performance drivers of the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPPMS) financial stewardship, and leadership and growth.

Transparency Seal
PhilGEPS Posting
SSC Citizens Charter
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Network (SALN)
ARTA Certificate of Compliance

Government Procurement Policy Board

Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicator (APCPI) Self-Assessment Form (Annex A)
Consolidated Procurement Monitoring Report (Annex B) and Procurement Capacity Development Action Plan Template (Annex D)
Procurement Monitoring Report

List of Employees

Sorsogon Campus
Bulan Campus
Castilla Campus
Magallanes Campus