Faculty Hiring

Sorsogon State College is in need of faculty members for its existing and proposed program offerings this academic year 2020-2021.
Qualified and interested applicants are requested to submit to the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) of the College.

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ORDS spearheads SoRCon 2018, In-House Review

ORDS spearheads SoRCon 2018,
In-House Review

The institutionalization of the Sorsogon State College Research and Extension Agenda for 2017-2022 aligned to the 10-point agenda of the Duterte administration and other line government agencies, pave the way in producing community driven needs research projects for dissemination and adoption. One avenue to realize this is the conduct of the College In-House Review where completed research projects of faculty members, staff, students and collaborating agencies are evaluated by experts of different disciplines.

As of the second quarter of the current year, there were at least 30 identified research and development projects for presentation in the in-house review divided into five categories namely, 1 – Technology Development and Innovation, 2 – Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources (AFNR), 3 – Language & Teaching Innovation, 4 – Student & Curriculum Development, 5 – Governance and Social Development, and 6 – Provincial Development and Sustainability.

Thus, to accommodate the increasing trend of involvement of the Colleges faculty members, the Office of the Research and Development Services (ORDS) organizes the 18th inhouse review on September 20-21, 2018. This aims to improve the quality of research outputs through the valuable comments and suggestions of the



participants and the panel of evaluators; thus, making these worthy for presentation in other symposia and conferences in the regional, national and international levels. This shall also qualify these outputs for publication in any CHED accredited, ISI, scopus and other international refereed journals.

This year
s two-day in-house review features plenary talk from invited speakers leading towards utilization of the research outputs. Furthermore, to disseminate research findings to the intended audience in the community, stakeholders from the

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the province, local government units and different sector representatives in the local communities of the province are also invited to grace the activity. This may provide opportunities for academician in the province from a range of disciplines to forge partnerships and collaborations along research undertakings through the formation of a consortium.



For this year 2018, the Sorsogon State College—Office of Extension   Services (OES) will spearhead the gathering of extensionists, community development advocates, evaluators and keynote speakers-lecturers, partneragency representatives and LGU heads in a 2-day conference dubbed as the 4th


OES Highlights anchored on the theme:

“Embracing the future perspectives of Extension Services: Forging new partnerships and building local capacities for inclusive growth and development.”


This years extension highlights is designed towards opening up the gateway towards building the foundations for more strengthened collaboration with education partners here and abroad. A pool of faculty experts and esteemed evaluators are invited to provide inputs gaining new insights on the latest trends in the conduct of locally sustainable extension programs/projects.


This also becomes an avenue to effectively disseminate the extension accomplishments/ best practices of the College helping the SSC project teams to become fully abreast with the latest developments within the practice of the field.


The winners in the paper presentations are endorsed by the College for various extension presentations and conventions at higher levels. Further, it aims to identify the projects that could be effectively adopted by a larger community groups.

In addition, it aims to determine which project could be supported in a macro level that would boost sustainability in various aspects addressing the local demands and at par with the international standards.

Apart from recognizing best extension practices, this year‟s OES highlights will also include the “Executives‟ Session”. This activity would gather all the SSC Extension key players and partners in a round table discussion with the local chief executives, planning officers, academicians and SSC administrators in a convergence initiative while providing insights in strengthening partnerships, highlighting the new extension services modalities that could be worked for, in the attainment of the mission and leveraging out plans for the inclusive growth and development of the Sorsogueños.

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