City Health Office Conducts Symposium, Blood letting

The Sorsogon Provincial and City Health Offices (PHD and CHO), ¡n coordination with the SSC Health Services
Department and its director Dr. Medin J. Nicolas and nurse Mr. Francis O. Antonio, RN, conducted a symposium and blood donation activity in Sorsogon City Campus on June 21, 2016.

Resource speakers in the convention were Ms. Sophia D. Dematera, RN (CHO); Ms. Vivian B. Paguio, RN (PHO); and District Health Officer-Sorsogon West District Dr. Rolando E. Dealca. He is also the SSC medical officer. They discussed to the students important topics such as voluntary blood donation, factors affecting blood donors, anti-smoking ordinance, STDs, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis updates. 

On June 24, the actual blood donation was facilitated by P/CHO health staff at the college clinic. Overall, 41 faculty and personnel volunteed after screening, however, blood was extracted from only 29 of them. 

This event is a joint project of SSC Gender and Development (GAD) office headed by Dr. Led Despuig-Encinares and the health services. The SSC Red Cross Youth Council also actively assisted in its successful conclusion.

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