Republic of the Philippines
               Sorsogon State College
                                                   Sorsogon City

                       Tel. No. (056) 211 0178 – 211 0200  


1. The College shall continue to adopt the skeletal work scheme so as not to hamper its operation.

2. Personnel residing outside Sorsogon City may work from home considering that public utility shall operate in a reduced capacity.

3. Attendance of skeletal workforce shall be recorded by the Security Guard on Duty.

4. Faculty members may no longer report to school but shall exercise utmost consideration and leniency to their students in this time of health crises. Provided further, that the faculty members had conducted learning interventions to their students using technology and other modality in their instruction to complete the requirement of the course

5. Faculty members under permanent status with pending financial and property accountabilities as identified by the different units/offices shall be notified by the Human Resource Office to settle and comply with all the requirements on a scheduled date as a requirement for the payment of their proportional vacation credits earned. The supply, library, and accounting units/offices shall submit the list of faculty members with pending accountability to the Human Resource Management Office not later than May 15, 2020. Online submission of grades of faculty members shall be the basis for payment of proportional salary.

6. Faculty members under temporary/COS status who will end their contract on May 31, 2020 shall be issued an End-of Term notice. Payment of proportional vacation earned shall be based on the existing policies of the College.

7. Attendance to training/seminars outside the province is prohibited. Likewise, online training and seminars maybe conducted and attended by the employees.

8. Wearing of face mask is still required. Observing social and physical distancing is still a must.
1. Academic Calendar. The College shall implement the same academic calendar for the second semester, which is from January 13 to May 23, 2020. Students shall no longer report to school until the end of the semester. Classes in all levels shall continue using the homebased flexible learning modalities through online or offline technology mediated or flexible delivery modes.

Final Grade. Students shall be given a numerical rating on their enrolled subjects. The faculty is directed to make the necessary adjustments in curricular requirements with respect to the SSC grading system without compromising the attainment of learning outcomes. For the remainder of the second semester, student performances based on the home-based learning modalities shall be considered to complete the final grade of the students. Moreover, Laboratory High School shall adopt DepEd Memorandum No. 42 s, 2020 on grading the students. However, due to the difference in the academic calendar, student performances based on home-based flexible learning modalities shall be considered to complete the final grade of the students in the LHS.

3. Submission of Grades. Deadline of the submission of grades shall be on or before May 06, for graduating students and on or before June 05, 2020 for non-graduating students.

4. On the job training. On-the-job trainees who have been pulled out from their respective training centers or host training establishment shall not go back to training to complete the required training hours of the program. The Industrial Link Development (ILD) Coordinators shall ensure that the number of training hours rendered by the students prior to the implementation of ECQ shall be credited and be considered in the giving of a passing numerical rating. The ILD Coordinators shall exercise full discretion in facilitating homebased, online or technology mediated learning activities to supplement the required training hours of the students if necessary. They shall be responsible in evaluating the outputs of the student-trainees and in the computation and submission of the grades of the students.

5. Commencement Exercises and Recognition Rites. In person graduation and recognition ceremonies in the College shall be postponed indefinitely given the continuing need for social distancing and the restriction on mass gatherings.

Student Clearance. Issuance of student clearance is hereby suspended. However, those with accountabilities are required to settle the same as identified by the concerned offices in the Student Account Information System to facilitate issuance of credentials and subsequent enrolment. The concerned student shall settle accountabilities once notified and as scheduled by the concerned offices.

Degree Completion. All eligible graduating students must meet the graduation requirements per evaluation of the registrar and are cleared from all liabilities as determined by the concerned offices. Moreover, graduating students in the graduate school shall be required to submit the soft and hard copies of their manuscripts and acceptance oft thesis for publication.

Faculty Submission of Other Reports. Accomplishments reports, and other required reports including the mode of learning interventions conducted by the faculty members shall be submitted to their respective deans on or before June 8, 2020.

Summer Classes. The summer classes of AY 2019-2020 based from the SSC Academic Calendar, which is from June 13 to July 18, 2020 shall be suspended. However, graduating students in the undergraduate and graduate levels who need to complete the final academic requirements of the course may conduct special classes during this period. The deans shall make the request justifying the conduct of special classes and is subject to the approval of the President. Home-based flexible learning modalities through online or offline technology mediated or flexible delivery modes shall still be utilized to prevent the students from coming to school and to ensure public health safety and security.

Completion of Incomplete Grade from the previous semester. The completion of INC grades of non-graduating students from the previous semester shall be made flexible thus, extending its deadline up to the first semester of the next academic year of AY 2020-2021. On the other hand, graduating students shall be required to complete the requirements of their incomplete grades the earliest time possible and until June 19, 2020. The faculty should exercise all possible means to accommodate the concerned students while employing greater flexibility, leniency and wide latitude of considerations to help students graduate within the school year.  
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