Sorsogon State University LUDIP


One of the significant accomplishments of the University in the present administration is the approval of the Sorsogon State University Land Use Development and Infrastructure Plan (LUDIP) for 2022-2031.

The LUDIP covers the future land use and infrastructure plans of the Sorsogon City, Bulan, Castilla, and Magallanes campuses. It is designed for long-term development projects incorporating structures and other land improvements to bring economic and social advancement and progress.

According to President Helen R. Lara, the LUDIP will serve as the University’s blueprint for allocating and mobilizing land resources and infrastructure in the next ten years.


Through this project, we were able to update, revise, and align SorSU’s present land use and infrastructure plan according to the requirements and prescription of Republic Act 11396 or the SUC LUDIP Act of 2019,” Dr. Lara added. 


RA 11396 requires SUCs to prepare and implement their LUDIP, which is a requirement for the approval of their future infrastructure projects. The LUDIP project includes the benchmarking and preparation of start-up working paper; development of survey materials; consultation with concerned stakeholders; conduct of sectoral studies; hiring of consultants; data assessment and analytics; projection, planning, and preparation of LUDIP documents; designing and re-designing of building perspectives; validation and finalization.




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