The Sorsogon State University community expresses its

sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the key persons who

believed and pushed for the conversion of Sorsogon State College

into a university.

We understand that the transition entails multitude of

hardwork, dedication and support from each of us. It is in fact an

opportunity that comes with great challenges and responsibilities. In

our 111th year of serving the people, the institution constantly seeks

for quality and excellence along the services it provides to its

stakeholders and the community. Hence, SSU is also hopeful of the

continued support, trust and guidance that everyone will give to

ensure the realization of its aims as the first homegrown university of


My administration has always believed in the role of

cooperation to achieve success. The institution had gone through

rapid changes and decades would prove that indeed, “sticks in a

bundle will never break”.

May God bless us in this new milestone for our dear home,

Sorsogon State University

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