Sorsogon State University

BS Entrep Students’ Galiang Food Production is Young Farmers Challenge 2022 Provincial Awardee

The Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates the BS Entrepreneurship students from Bulan Campus for being selected as one of the fifty-eight (58) awardees for the 2022 Outstanding Agri-Business Models under the Young Farmers Challenge (YFC) Program of the Department of Agriculture – Provincial Level.

Incoming seniors and business partners, Maria Lyra L. Escanilla, Carla D. Tan, Andrea C. Panelo, Raul G. Navarro, Jr. and Mary Joy G. Boribo, submitted their entry, the Galiang Food Production (GFP), and received PhP100,000 as start-up capital for their agri-business venture. They will be competing for the P150,000 Regional level award this October 2022.

The members formed GFP as part of the BS Entrepreneurship program requirement and more importantly, to develop, promote and support local products that will benefit the producers, consumers, community and the industry. They created an organic flour made of “Galiang”, commonly known as “Palawan” in Bicol or Giant Swamp Taro in English. The group plans to continue its research on how galiang can be further utilized and marketed as a food product. GFP believes that galiang flour can become a flour substitute and be able to compete in the food industry.

When asked about the YFC Program, the student-entrepreneurs said, “participating in the YFC program is a great challenge for us as this is our first time to compete, and at the same time, it is also an opportunity for us, Entrepreneurship students, to achieve our goals of having our businesses. We felt blessed, grateful and motivated. We felt that our efforts, commitment, passion and faith were recognized and appreciated. It is an honor to become a part of the YFC program and we promise to do our best to utilize the grant efficiently as our start-up capital for the Galiang Food Production business.”

In closing, the student-entrepreneurs “promise to pursue their goals to become successful business owners – and to become an inspiration to the youth to engage more in agri-business”.

SorSU congratulates Bulan Campus led by Campus Director Ma. Elena C. Demdam, Dean of BME Department, Dr. Diane V. Sales, the BS Entrep adviser, Prof. Ophelia G. Delmonte, together with Prof. Marilyn N. Inocentes, Mr. Santos Gigantoca and BS Entrep Program Chair, Ms. Abegail Arimbay, for their dedication and support to the degree program. The award serves as an inspiration and incentive to BS Entrep students to continually create research-based products sourced from the local communities for agri-business projects.

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