The TACSAKATE, a performing group and the MAPEH major students wonawards during the Hip hop and Cheer dance competitions, October 10, 2014 at the Sorsogon Multipurpose Gymnasium, Sorsogon city.

TACSAKATE, emerged as the Hip hop champion, showcased the techno, cramping, break dancing and etc. They performed an energetic routine that the audience enjoyed throughout the presentation. This group is composed of the engineering, architecture, technology and education students who have the knacks for dancing.

Likewise, the MAPEH group copped the third place in Cheer Dance competition. Computer Communication Development Institute 1 (CCDI–1) and The Lewis College (TLC) garnered the first and second places, respectively.

Hip hop dancing was judged based on its choreography and style, 30%; mastery and originality, 30%; difficulty of steps, 20%; costume and props, 10% and over-all impact, 10%, a total of 100%.

These contests were participated in by colleges in the province of Sorsogon. Winners received cash prizes, trophies and certificates of       appreciation.

Hip—hop dancing and cheer dance competitions were the highlight of the Basketball Inter-Collegiate Championship of Sorsogon (BICCS) Season 8 activities. This was spearheaded by Dr.  Modesto D. Detera, SSC president, with BICCS officials and the Sports and Culture services       assisting.   Amy Bernal, is the adviser of the Tacsakate while Mrs. Salvacion Garcia acted as the trainer of the MAPEH performing group .


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