Sorsogon State University College Admission Test (SorSU-CAT) A.Y. 2024-2025

Sorsogon State University College Admission Test (SorSU-CAT)

Admission for First Semester A.Y. 2024-2025

The one-day simultaneous conduct of SorSU College Admission Test in the four campuses which is set on January 20, 2024, is fast approaching. Examinees are reminded to access their OPAS account to download their test permit. Updated test permit can be downloaded in OPAS, not from your e-mail.

The specific schedule of exam is reflected on the TEST PERMIT. The applied course/s and important reminders during the examination are also indicated in the test permit. This document is very important for verification during the examination.

PRINT the pdf file of the test permit downloaded from your OPAS account in a LONG SIZE bond paper. Cut the printed test permit to have TWO (2) copies. The upper portion of your test permit will be given to your examiner/proctor after the verification process upon entrance on your assigned room. The other copy of the test permit should be kept by the application for their file.


1. Using Google Chrome, go directly at the address bar of the browser and type to be directed to OPAS (Online Pre-Admission System). Successfully sign-in your OPAS account and click Confirm and Proceed button.

2. Answer and complete surveys to show the download test permit button.

3. Click the Download Test Permit button to download the pdf file.

NOTE: Problem signing in? Click Forgot Password? and enter correctly your registered e-mail address. A reset password link will be sent to your e-mail address to reset your password. For more assistance on this and for those who have concerns on their test permit, please visit the nearest SorSU Campus, Admission Services Office.