The SorSU library offers quality service to its clientele in support of the vision, mission, goal and objectives of the institution and provides access to information resources effectively and efficiently. The following scope of activities are being undertaken by the library services unit.

Implementation of library rules and regulation
All library users must abide by the internal guidelines followed by the library staff and clientele to utilize the library.

Collection development policy
It is a university policy to continually build its collection, describe the collection’s strengths and weaknesses, and provide guidelines for the staff.

Weeding out policy
The university library implements systematic de-selection and evaluation of materials to update the library collection.

E-library services
The university implements an electronic library service, which provides access to digital and electronic resources and databases for research and academic purposes.

Library Advisory Committee
The policy-making body of library services rests on the Library Advisory Body. This serves as the main channel of communication between the library and its users. It’s also an advisory and advocacy role regarding the library’s support of teaching, learning, research, and community building needs at the university.

Linkages / networking
The university forges collaborative efforts to pursue cooperation or partnership between the Sorsogon State University library and other libraries, which enhances information access and beneficial sharing of resources through networking and linkages.

 The University Library, Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
BOT Res 117, s. 2001

University Library Vision
promote literacy through scientific, academic, technology resources and information to individuals responsive to the needs and demands of the peoples of Sorsogon and beyond.

University Library Mission:
The library as an important intellectual resource of the academic community is committed to serve as a teaching instrument; as a stimulus to independent intellectual development and as an essential contributor to a well-rounded education.

University Library Goal:
To develop literate individuals and upright citizens through learning resource materials as well as technology and academic information.

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