SorSU-NLTC Journey

The Kokusai-Kotoba Gakuin (KKG)-International Language Institute in Shizuoka Prefecture Japan has been a corporate school of Sorsogon State University since 1997.
It was introduced to the institution during the term of former Sorsogon State College President, Dr. Augusto R. Nieves in the same year. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between KKG and SorSU was updated during the term of the third President of the Institution, Dr. Modesto D. Detera in 2014. This paved the way to a fruitful exchange of academic and linguistic expertise in pursuit to strengthen the ties of both parties. 

With the help of the esteemed SorSU KKG Nihongo Language Center Director Mr. Hideyo Sato and KKG representative Marietta C. Sato, they facilitated the linkage between SorSU and KKG. The MOA between two educational institutions included the sending of students by KKG to SorSU for them to engage in short term English Studies.

Below are some of the activities of the Center for the past years.

In August 2016, three foreign students were sent by KKG to SorSU for a two-week English study program. The group included one Japanese and two Vietnamese students.

August 2016

Mariko Shiozawa studied and was immersed in the University for one semester in 2017.

Summer 2017

Students namely Ha Ngoc Linh (Vietnamese), Nakagawa Meiko (Japanese) and Makita Miyu (Japanese) visited Sorsogon State University for a two-week learning experience and immersion from November 13-24, 2017.

November 13-24, 2017.

In the year 2017, senior Japanese officials who attended “Teaching Nihongo to Foreigners Training” at KKG  volunteered to teach Nihongo at SorSU for one week.


Aside from student and faculty immersions and visits,
the MOA between SorSU and KKG is also instrumental in the establishment of the SorSU KKG Nihongo Language Center.

Mr. Katsumi Furuta, chairman of Social Welfare Corporation- FUKUJUEN in Aichi-ken, Nagoya, Japan during his visit to SorSU.

Ms. Yamamoto Hisae of Fukujuen Home in Japan, visited SorSU-KKG NLC last February 17-18, 2020 to facilitate the employment of the N-Level 4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) passers of the center.

The Kurihara Group of Kinder and Nursery School in Yokohama Japan, visited Sorsogon State University last November 20, 2019 to recruit Bachelor of Education graduates of SorSU with specialization in Mathematics, Science and English. 

Sorsogon State University and Japan International Human Development Organization (SorSU & JIHDO) 

Strengthening linkage and mutual collaboration, SorSU and JIHDO formally sealed their partnership through a Memorandum of Agreement signed last April 12, 2019.

The fundamental aim of the partnership is to promote mutual exchange of students and workforce between Japan and the Philippines. It also aims to spread the Nihongo language and establish understanding of the Japanese intent and culture in the country.