In its rich historical journey, Castilla Campus has evolved through various titles, reflecting its dedication to agricultural education. Beginning as Castilla Agricultural High School in 1972, it later transformed into Sorsogon National Agricultural School (SNAS) in 1974. The campus saw another transition with Republic Act No. 7666, becoming a part of Sorsogon State College and adopting the name SSC-School of Agriculture and Agriculture Based Technology.

Situated in Mayon, Castilla, Sorsogon, the campus enjoys an ideal agricultural environment, fostering growth and innovation. With a focus on Agricultural Sciences, it offers a range of courses including Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with majors in Agricultural Education, Animal Science, and Crop Science, Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness embodying its commitment to agricultural advancement and education.

Address: Mayon, Castilla, Sorsogon
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus

Watch the “TAN-AW” episodes, as a glimpse of happenings and activities in the campus. Created by the Supreme Student Council – Castilla Campus.