Process of Application for Admission

1. Sign-up/Log on to Online Pre-Admission
System (OPAS)
and fill out forms online. Download and print
the Certification (FM-ADS-003A) generated by
the system then affix signature on the
certification and prepare requirements
indicated in the certification.
  • Update information on admission
    schedule, requirements, procedures and
    curricular offerings
  • Secure confidentiality of data submitted
  • Wide dissemination of information on
    admission schedule, requirements,
    and procedures
Admissions Director,
ICT Director & Staff
2. Pay testing fee at the Cashier’s Office

Php100.00 for Grade 7 applicants
Php 250.00 for Second Courser
only (College Applicants)
Php 500.00 for School of Graduate Studies applicants
Issue Official Receipt of payment3 minutes Cash Clerk
@ Cashier’s Office
3. Present all admission requirements to the
nearest Admission Services
Office through the designated drop-off boxes
at the Guard House following
the standard health safety protocols.
  • Evaluate grade credentials
  • Verify completeness and
    authenticity of documents
  • Validate and confirm the
    online application via OPAS
3 minutes
Admissions Clerk/ Admissions Coordinator
@ Admission Services Office
4. Upon verification of submitted application
requirements and confirmation of online
application via OPAS, print the e-copy of
test permit sent to your email address
Send mail for confirmation of
application with attached e-copy
of test permit
Admissions Director, Coordinators & Staff
ICT Director & Staff
5. Present the printed test permit and take entrance
examination as scheduled following the standard
health safety protocols
Administer entrance examination
2 hoursAdmissions Director/ Registered Guidance Counselors
@ specified Room Assignment/Venue of Examination
6. Verify entrance examination result thru OPAS
account, official website and or official FB page
of SSC.
  • Encode GWA of submitted grade credentials
    and test results in OPAS
  • Conduct ranking based on the projected
    enrolment per course
  • Tag applicants who qualified in their
    respective courses via OPAS
  • Post admission test result at the
    SSC Official Website and or official
    FB page with notice of advice
    of enrolment for qualified
    examinees/ applicants
30 working days ICT Staff
Admission Services Office Staff
@Admission Services Office