General Policies

  1. These academic policies and code of conduct shall govern and apply to the students of Sorsogon State College.
    • Sorsogon State College, hereinafter referred to as the College, is a non-sectarian and non-profit state institution of higher learning.
    • The college shall primarily provide professional, technical and special instruction and promote research and extension services, ad­vanced studies and progressive leadership in education, engineering, arts and sciences, technology and other fields as may be relevant. It shall also provide primary consideration to the integration of research studies for the development of the province of Sorsogon.
    • The College colors are green, blue, yellow and maroon.
    • The College banner has white background and a seal. The seal is circular which signifies education as a continuous process. At the center is an open book symbolizing knowledge. A torch behind the book pro­vides light on the way to progress. The shining sun shows that if pro­gress is attained, it could be a source of life and energy for Sorsogon in particular, and for the nation in general. The gear, the golden grain, the flask and atom represent the Sorsogon Campus, the Castilla Campus, the Magallanes Campus and the Bulan Campus respectively.
    • The students shall wear appropriate uniform, the design, style, and color of which, shall be decided upon by the students. The identifi­cation card shall be part of the uniform.
    • Male students shall sport appropriate haircut.
    1. ROTC Cadets: prescribed military haircut.
    2. Other students: maximum tolerable haircut but not to extend beyond the hairline at nape.
    1. Attendance in flag raising ceremony every Monday and flag low­ering every Friday shall be required. Convocations shall be held at least once a month.
    2. The College hymn shall be played/sung every Monday after the flag raising ceremony. It shall also be sung during Commencement Ex­ercises and special occasions.
    3. The College shall observe its Foundation Anniversary in the month of December within the week preceding the Christmas break.