SorSU Nihongo Language Training Center


SorSU Nihongo Language Training Center aims to be the main center for Nihongo in Bicol Region; to recognize graduate students with high standards in Japanese language ability, to excel and be competitive in technology as well as Nihongo; to impart and spread to the future generation of the know-how and knowledge from the advanced world.


To develop and broaden the knowledge and understanding about the cultural, scientific and technology of Japan and the society; strengthen the common cultural assets of humanity towards a harmonious relationship through technology.

The SorSU Nihongo Language Training Center (SorSU-NLTC) was set up under recognition by the Sorsogon State University and the Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin Japan in June 2014.
Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin is a Foreign Language Center in Japan authorized by the Japanese Government. Together, SorSU and KKG made a memorandum of Agreement to establish the partnership of the two institutions, thus, the SorSU-KKG Nihongo Language Training Center became an authorized center. It aims to promote linguistic education and cultural exchanges as well as promote friendship and strengthen academic relationships among Japanese and Filipinos.
For years, the SorSU-NLTC has accommodated hundreds of students by batches and continues to cater to students who have the genuine desire to pursue and learn Nihongo.


The SorSU Nihongo Language Training Center provides Level 5, 4 and 3 skills of Nihongo to interested students. This is composed of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and other Authorized Tests of five distinct Levels. Beginners are advised to start from Level 5 which is the basic level. After this, Level 5 students are now equipped with knowledge and skill to further study Nihongo. 

SorSU-NLTC Journey

“Inspiration unlocks the future”

From the film The Wind Rises – Hayao Miyazaki

Photos of SorSU Nihongo Language Training Center engagements and activities.