Office of the Student Development and Services (OSDS)

The Office of Student Development and Services (OSDS) is an academic support of the University with the primary aim of producing well-rounded and holistic individuals. It is mandated to provide student-centered activities and programs, effective management of the University’s resources and services, strengthen external linkages, and maintain a conducive learning environment. The goals of the Student Services are focused on enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitude of students through the students’ involvement in co-curricular activities through various student organizations. The Office takes lead in implementing various quality services for the students’ social, moral, emotional, and intellectual growth and developments

The student affairs services into three: Student Welfare, Student Development, and Institutional Student Programs and Services. Each of these areas comprises specific student services. As defined in the CMO, the scope of these areas is:

Student Welfare Services are basic services and programs needed to ensure and promote the well-being of students.
Student Development Services refers to the services and programs designed for the exploration, enhancement and development of the student’s full potential for personal development, leadership, and social responsibility through various institutional and/or student-initiated activities.
Institutional Student Programs and Services — refers to the services and programs designed to pro-actively respond to the basic health, food, shelter, and safety concerns of students including students with special needs and disabilities and the school.


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Guidance and Counselling Services

The Guidance and Counseling Services Unit aims to provide a gender sensitive range of professional guidance services such as counseling, appraisal (individual inventory and psychological testing), referral, follow-up, information to all students especially those with special needs like person with disabilities, solo parents and Indigenous People to help them use their potential to the fullest and reach their goals. This will provide important benefits to students by addressing their intellectual, emotional, social and psychological. A developmental guidance and counseling program provides opportunities and experiences that address three central student development areas: Learning to live (personal/social emotional), learning to learn (academic), learning to work (career). It includes sequential activities designed to address the needs of all students by helping them to acquire competence in the knowledge of self and others, in identifying their educational goals, and in their own career development.

Career and Job Placement Services

Career and Job Placement Services Unit provides assistance to students for their new life as professionals through career seminars, job fairs, career consultation, testing, and establishment of linkages with companies, government agencies, private institutions, organizations, and individuals.


Student Council Affairs Services

The Student Council Affairs Services Unit leads in the supervision, recognition, accreditation/re-accreditation, and monitoring of student organizations and their activities. It safeguards the students’ right to govern themselves and oversees that Student Council/Government is organized. In like manner, it shall ensure that leadership-training programs are provided for student leaders to prepare them for good governance, social responsibility, and commitment. Opportunities are created for interaction with counterparts from other institutions.

Student Publication

The student publication services provide opportunities for students in promoting campus journalism as a means of encouraging critical and creative thinking and as a beacon of nationalism and democracy both on and off the nation’s campuses.  The campus press offers a free and adequate venue for the discussion of student concerns, upholding social consciousness, and defending the interests and welfare of the Filipino people through its pages, which address both national and sectoral issues. The campus press, as a part of the media, is a vital institution in society that promotes and defends the constitutionally protected right to press freedom. The implementation of student publication in the University is in consonance with Republic Act 7079, also known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991.


Admission Services

The Admission Services Unit is responsible in providing the University an effective and efficient admission system in order to screen, select and place first year college applicants in the four campuses of Sorsogon State University, applicants for Laboratory High School (Grade 7 and Grade 10), applicants for Graduate School, and transferees from other schools, colleges or universities and shifters from one program to another. Additionally, the office also accommodates foreign students in accordance with the existing admission policies, but not limited to future policy enhancements. It is accountable for the admittance and placement of deserving and qualified student applicants in their respective course preferences in accordance with the standards set by the University per CHED-approved policies. It implements policies, and handles correspondence and other inquiries about curricular offerings and application procedures of the different academic programs of the colleges. Moreover, the Admission Office provides assistance to students needing career orientations and guidance throughout the admission season and to facilitate their transition into a college career and the world of work. Admission Services Unit operates with consideration to applicants and/or persons with disabilities as stipulated in R.A 7277.

Recruitment – This is the process of searching for prospective applicants or students who intend to enroll in the University and stimulating them to pursue secondary, tertiary, and postgraduate education in this institution. In order to disseminate the course program, the Admission Services Unit organizes career/program orientation for high school students that shall guide them in their choices of courses. Information dissemination is provided through different platforms such as the conduct of orientation in the different schools, distribution of promotional materials, and posting of information on social media.

Selection – This refers to the process of screening qualified applicants to be placed in the respective program offered by the University. Included in the policy for selection are the admission testing and issuance of test results/admission slips.

Admission – This pertains to the final process after recruitment and selection. The qualified applicant is finally being endorsed to the Office of the Registrar for enrollment.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services

The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services Unit is responsible for the management, generation, and/or allocation of funds and financial aid to students to promote equity and widen student access to tertiary education. The University’s guidelines on Scholarship are primarily based on RA 10931 also known as the “Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017”. Since this law was passed in 2017, SUC is mandated to provide free tuition fees to students. Along with this, the students are provided with opportunities for external and internal scholarship and financial assistance through partnerships with government and private individuals and organizations. The selection of students for these programs is based on the guidelines set by the sponsors and the university for external and internal grants.

Food (Canteen) Services

This service ensures that adequate, safe and healthy food is served by food outlets within the campus and immediate vicinity in accordance with the food, safety, and sanitation guidelines of the Department of Health by creating criteria for safety and sanitary conditions and through coordination with the local government.

Health Services

The Health Services Unit is committed to providing primary healthcare services and complies with the relevant and existing health-related programs to students and employees by organizing and supporting health programs and activities, coordinating with healthcare agencies and effective management of the university’s resources. It also requires the students and employees to comply with the policies, requirements, and regulations set by the protection, prevention, treatment, and promotion of health.  Its services include:

Assessment: This is the process of gathering information about a patient’s physiological status to identify and evaluate any health issues. Checking of vital signs, temperature, heart/respiratory rate, etc., and evaluation of laboratory exams are among the examples of assessment provided by the health services.

Prevention: This refers to measures or steps taken to prevent diseases or minimize the effects of diseases. Included in this are information dissemination, promotion of healthy lifestyles such as but not limited to a healthy diet, physical activities, and no smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages and substance abuse, and getting vaccinated/immunized.

Treatment: This is the medical care or examination given to a patient such as First Aid Treatment, dental extraction, and minor surgeries.

Safety and Security Services

The Safety and Security Services ensures that a safe and secure environment is provided to the students and employees which includes persons with disabilities (PWD). It partners with other Offices to ensure that: (1) buildings and facilities comply with government standards, (2) concerns related to disaster risk reduction are addressed, (3) earthquake and fire drill is regularly conducted. It also oversees security personnel to ensure the safety and security of students and their belongings. It likewise provides mechanisms for students to help in crime prevention.

Student Housing (Dorm) Services

To ensure access of students to accommodation that is safe and conducive to learning, a dorm shall be provided for students. The Student Housing (Dorm) Services unit shall closely coordinate with other offices, boarding house operators, and LGUs so that housing facilities that are safe, clean, affordable, accessible to students with disabilities, and conducive to learning are accessed by students.
(Photo caption: The Head of the Food and Housing services monitors boarding houses in the vicinity of SorSU.)

Sports and Culture Services

The Sports, Culture and Arts Services Unit ensures that various opportunities are provided to develop and enhance talents of students. It produces competitive and value-oriented athletes and artists who will participate in sports and cultural activities in local, regional, national and international meet. It leads in regularly organizing sports activities to promote physical fitness and well-being of students and employees. Similarly, the Unit supervises the conduct of cultural activities to develop appreciation for culture and arts and promote national culture and multi-cultural heritage through coordination with other agencies.

Each student services unit as reflected in the organizational structure of the University has its specific functions. The Office Student Development and Services (OSDS) conducts monitoring and evaluation through customer feedback, campus visits, consultation, dialogues and meetings.

Contact information:

Director, Office of the Student Development and Services
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