Exploring Best Practices: Benchmarking Visit to De La Salle University and Philippine Normal University

On March 13, 2024, the Publication and Knowledge Management unit embarked on a benchmarking visit to De La Salle University and Philippine Normal University, spearheaded by a team comprising Dr. Ryan V. Dio, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Training; Dr. Ana Cristina G. Fortes, Director of Extension and Training (former PKM Head); and Ms. Frances Grace J. Jetomo, Head of Publication and Knowledge Management unit. The primary objective was to glean insights and adopt best practices for establishing a peer-reviewed research journal publication with recognized indexing bodies. The benchmarking exercise encompassed a comprehensive review of organizational structures, research journal publication workflows, technology integration, and publication policies.

At De La Salle University, the visiting team engaged with a seasoned publication staff, including notable figures such as Dr. Feorillo Demeterio III, Manager of the Andrew Gonzalez Philippine Citation Index; Dr. Jose Isagani Janairo, Executive Publisher of Manila Journal of Science; Mr. Christian Gopez, Editor of Sinaya; and AArichela Dela Cruz, Director of Research Communication and Data Analytics office.

Key takeaways included insights into establishing a journal, strategies for qualifying for indexing, and leveraging software solutions such as Scholar One and Digital Commons for seamless manuscript management. The team also emphasized the challenges associated with the review process and shared best practices for achieving indexing goals.

The visit to Philippine Normal University provided additional valuable insights, with the publication staff consisting of a dedicated team including Jirich P. Baldemoro, Administrative Aide IV; Nicole Angela R. Cruz, Journal Staff; Christine Pearl B. Salimo, Technical Assistant; Kobe Angelo Leocadio, AsTEN Journal Staff; and Ivan S. Cunanan, PRISMA Journal Staff. Together, they shared in-depth details about the management of their four journals, notably those indexed by ACI and Scopus. Among the standout practices highlighted during the visit were their subscription to Crossref, facilitating automatic DOI provision for published manuscripts. Additionally, their rigorous approach to submission monitoring and utilization of Turnitin Similarity for plagiarism detection were emphasized as integral components of their journal management strategy.

Additionally, the team underscored the importance of utilizing software and IT support for journal management, especially in preparation for indexing assessments. Printed copies of recent issues of The Normal Lights were shared, showcasing the university’s publication achievements.

Overall, the benchmarking visit was an enriching experience, with valuable insights gathered from both institutions. The intention is to apply these best practices, particularly in managing the Sorsogon Multidisciplinary Research Journal, to elevate its stature and impact.
The journey towards establishing and managing a robust research journal requires a concerted effort, and these learnings are poised to propel the Publication and Knowledge Management unit toward greater success.
(SORSU – Research, Extension and Training)