Professional Regulatory Board of Agriculture Conducts In-depth Inspection and Monitoring at Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus

Last March 5, 2023: The Professional Regulatory Board of Agriculture) conducted a thorough inspection and monitoring operation at Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus, marking a significant milestone in ensuring the highest standards of academic excellence within the agricultural domain.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Eric Palacpac, a member of the PRB of Agriculture, the assessment was meticulously designed to evaluate various facets of the College of Agriculture’s operations, including programs, faculty, staff, facilities, and equipment. This comprehensive evaluation aimed to uphold and reinforce professional standards and competencies essential for nurturing successful careers in agriculture.
The program’s initiation commenced with enlightening opening remarks delivered by Dr. Jhonner D. Ricafort, SorSU, Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Ricafort underscored the paramount importance of the PRB of Agriculture’s evaluation in creating an equitable environment and equipping students with the requisite skills vital for excelling in the agricultural profession. Following Dr. Ricafort’s insightful address.

Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, SUC President III, offered words of encouragement, emphasizing the transformative opportunity to elevate campus standards and competencies through the rigorous evaluation process.

Subsequently, Dr. Rochelle N. Aragon, the Dean of the College of Agriculture, provided a comprehensive overview of the campus’s curricular programs, mission statement, and the intricacies of the evaluation procedures supervised by Mr. Palacpac. It was reiterated that the meticulous monitoring and inspection conducted by the PRB of Agriculture strictly adhere to the policies and guidelines set forth by the Commission on Higher Education and the prevailing laws of the Philippines.

This concerted effort in inspection and monitoring underscores an unwavering commitment to upholding academic excellence and professionalism within the agricultural sector. By ensuring strict compliance with established standards and competencies, the Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus reaffirms its dedication to delivering top-tier education and preparing students for prosperous careers in agriculture.

🪶Mark Clarence Dacullo
📷Mr. Marlon Garbin Gabelo, Campus Secretary