Reaching Greater Heights: From Fridge & Aircon Unit Repairman to Becoming a CEO

Mr. Rolando Camposano (SCAT Alumnus Batch 1989)

“The satisfaction of the clients lies in the quality of service you provide and deliver while being true and committed within the projected completion of a project.”

Mr. Rolando Camposano

This is the resounding remark of Mr. Rolando “Rolly” Camposano, owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ellenaire Electro Mechanical Corporation, located in Taytay, Rizal when asked about his successful formula for upholding his business and how he maintains good rapport and cultivates long-term professional relationships with clientele. More significantly, he emphasized the value of honesty and credibility in pursuing business with clients.

“Huwag mong dadayain ang clients mo sa pamamagitan ng pagpataas ng halaga ng materyales na gagamitin or pagbaba ng kalidad ng mga gagamiting materyales sa mataas na halaga ng proyekto. Ito ay isang paraan para mapanatili mo sila sa iyong kompanya.” [Never deceive your clients by overpricing the materials or lowering the quality of materials for a high-cost project. This is one way to keep them in your company. ]

Indeed, it affirms Ellenaire Electro Mechanical Corporation’s outstanding twenty (20) years in the business corporation, led and headed by CEO Camposano, — a trusted company providing electromechanical solutions with specializations in ventilation and AC installations, steadfastly adhering to its guiding principle — “Providing Solutions, Improving Lives” of the Filipino people.

Looking back, it was his hard work, commitment, and competence in surmounting life’s challenges that paved the way for his success now. CEO Camposano, or Rolly as most people call him, is a graduate of Sorsogon College of Arts and Trades (SCAT) in 1989, with a degree of Bachelor of Industrial Technology – Major in Refrigeration and Airconditioning. Since Rolly was an orphan who hailed from Bulacao, Gubat, Sorsogon, finishing college, for him, was a great struggle.

However, poverty for him was never a hindrance to obtaining a college degree. He was able to meet his financial needs by working hard and persevering diligently to earn a living, albeit he lost all his siblings at a young age. In order to receive free boarding and lodging, he worked as a part-time house helper in the boarding house where he stayed. Likewise, in exchange for free meals, he used to serve his fellow board mates back then by preparing and cooking them food using the coconut shells he brought from home. 

Moreover, back when he was still a college student, to support himself and provide for his daily subsistence and financial needs, he utilized and applied the knowledge and skills he learned inside the classroom by approaching and pursuing nearby establishments to repair fridges and airconditioning units. Such side hustle enabled him to secure the needed budget for his On-the-Job Training (OJT) in Manila, in as much as opportunities for such training were very inadequate in the province. Yet, since the companies to accommodate OJT in line with his field of specialization were still limited at that time even in the capital of the country, Rolly seized the opportunity to complete his OJT training at the Makati Medical Center with the assistance of his former professor, who also happened to have a daughter employed in the said institution. He was assigned to work with the repair and maintenance team of the hospital. 

As he recalled, he rarely took days off as he wanted to learn more and further develop his skills by doing voluntary work along with the regular employees handling the maintenance jobs in the hospital. Soon his perseverance paid off, as he was ultimately hired as a permanent employee of Makati Medical Center immediately after completing his OJT. 

With his steadfast dedication and commitment, many people recognized the caliber of his work in every project he accomplished. As a result, he earned the trust of his clients and was recommended for future projects. While still continuing his full-time employment at the Makati Medical Center, he worked concurrently on numerous subcontracting projects. As an earnestly hardworking individual, he preferred to be on maintenance duty at night in the hospital, so that he could oversee his projects during the day. Needless to mention, he made considerable sacrifices to be able to reach his dream.

Conversely, with the increasing number of clientele, he had to make a crucial choice between his full-time job and subcontracting projects. To uphold his commitment to providing clients with high-quality service efficiently, he decided to resign from his job at Makati Medical Center and engage exclusively in contracting projects with his wife. Admirably, Rolly and his wife were able to successfully establish a firm for the installation of air conditioning units that serves clients across Luzon and extends as far as Cebu City. The thriving firm is, indeed, a true testament to Rolly’s hard work, competence, and commitment.

Notwithstanding his immense success, Rolly never forgets to look back to his alma mater. At present, his company accommodates on-the-job trainees of Sorsogon State College, now Sorsogon State University, both from the Colleges of Engineering and Technology, as well as provides them with employment opportunities. His firm is one of the linkages of the University in Placement Services. Likewise, he also welcomes the faculty members of the University for possible industry immersion programs to upskill their knowledge and capabilities necessary in teaching effectively their field of specialization.

 Rolly strongly believes in the significance of offering a course on Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (RAC) or similar discipline since it addresses the needs of the industry today as he observed that currently, only a few schools in the country offer the said field. Hence, there is a great need for workers in industries equipped with knowledge and expertise in RAC. Relative to this, on top of his astounding accomplishments, Rolly established a training center for RAC in the Province of Rizal two years ago. The training center is duly accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), dedicated to producing competent workers in order to meet the demands of the industries.

Ultimately, when asked for his advice to fellow SorSUeños who are treading a similar path toward a successful career, Rolly emphasized,

“They should focus on their chosen career and strive hard to be an expert in their respective discipline. They should never settle on being a blue-collar job worker, but rather they should know more about the job, enhance and expand their skills, and become good entrepreneurs.”

From PAGTURUPAR: The Official Newsletter of SSC Alumni Association Inc.