In celebration of National Environmental Awareness Month under R.A. 9512 known as Awareness Education Act of 2008 which promotes environmental awareness, especially among youth on the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources, the NSTP – Kaagapay Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus Student’s Organization together with the office of NSTP-CC come up an activity with the concept of “JUAN 2A TREE ZUMBA” which was conducted last November 24, 2023 at SorSU – Castilla Campus.

The JUAN 2A TREE ZUMBA is a 2- in-one Activity includes of Tree Planting and Zumba dance fitness that promote environmental awareness at the same time healthy lifestyle of individuals.

The Zumba and Tree planting activity was participated by the NSTP CWTS and ROTC Students, employees and other partner’s agencies such as PNP Castilla MPS and LDRRMO Castilla while the Zumba Dance Fitness was led by Zin Christian Dy Ebdani, a licensed Zumba Instructor.

It was successfully ended through the participation of each in everyone. A big thank you to all the individual who’s being part of this impactful initiative activity.




Some Photo courtesy of Castilla MPS Sorsogon PPO