[SHARED] DOST-SEI conducts the 2024 Undergraduate Scholarship Qualifying Exam at SorSU

The article and photos of this content are from SORSU DOST – Scholars’ Association

A total of 755 aspiring scholars took the DOST-SEI Undergraduate and OWWA Scholarship Qualifying Examination at Sorsogon State University (SorSU) Main Campus, a testing center among many nationwide, last April 6-7, 2024.

Out of the 755 examinees, 714 were aspiring DOST-SEI scholars. These incoming college students were either from the STEM strand, belonging to the top 5% of their graduating classes, and were natural-born Filipino citizens with good moral character and health. They aimed to pursue degrees in priority fields like basic sciences, applied sciences, physics, mathematics education, and engineering at designated universities.

DOST S&T scholarship program offers two main scholarships: Merit Scholarship, which is given to college students with high aptitude in Science and Mathematics and who are willing to pursue careers in the fields of Science and Technology; and RA 7687 (also known as the Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994) which provides scholarship for talented and well-deserving college students whose families’ socio-economic status does not exceed the set cut-off values of certain indicators.

The remaining 41 examinees took the qualifying exam for the OWWA Scholarship Program. This program is for dependents (children or siblings) of active OWWA members, whether single, married with no children, or otherwise.

A total of 195 examinees took the test on the morning of the first day, with 183 following in the afternoon. The second day saw a similar pattern, with 195 students in the morning session and 169 in the afternoon.

The examination was facilitated by selected faculties from SorSU, DOST – SEI, and DOST – PSTO Sorsogon personnel headed by Engr. Sandro B. Noguera, Provincial S&T Director.

From SORSU DOST – Scholars’ Association Facebook Page via Lovely O. Escalora, SorSU DOST SA