Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus Students Shine in DOST Bicol Digital Art Contest

The recent DOST Bicol PINTAgham: Lada, Pili at Gata Digital Contest illuminated the talents of students from Sorsogon State University (SorSU) Castilla Campus.

Sophia Dineros Ansus, a student from SorSU Castilla Campus, clinched the second place with her captivating artwork titled “Hugkos.” Ansus beautifully captured the essence of Bicolano delicacies, emphasizing the importance of food safety in Filipino family life.
Jan Kenneth D. Rosare, another student from SorSU Castilla Campus, secured the fifth place with his entry “Food Safety, in our Hands.” Rosare’s artwork emphasized individual responsibility and discipline in ensuring food safety.

The success of these students can be attributed to the guidance of Ms. Ira M. Habla, whose dedication played a pivotal role in nurturing their creative talents.

The DOST Bicol Digital Contest provides a platform for aspiring digital artists to showcase their skills and awareness of societal issues. SorSU Castilla Campus students’ exceptional performance reflects the institution’s commitment to fostering excellence in digital artistry.
Congratulations to Sophia Dineros Ansus and Jan Kenneth D. Rosare for their outstanding achievements. Their contributions to promoting food safety through art are commendable and serve as inspiration to aspiring artists and advocates alike.