SorSU Bulan Campus Motivation Wall

Feeling weary or stressed? Need someone to talk to or a comforting presence?

Whether you’re physically, emotionally, or mentally exhausted, we understand.

Maybe this can make a difference… Visit the SorSU Bulan Campus Motivation Wall situated at the Administration Building/Old ICT Building outside the Campus Director’s Office. 🗒️ 📝

Here, you can discover uplifting quotes that might brighten your day or offer a source of inspiration. Take a moment to pause, reflect, and recharge. Remember, it’s okay to seek support and take time for yourself. Together, we can overcome challenges and strive towards our goals.
Let’s continue to support one another and foster a positive environment here at SorSU Bulan. You are not alone—reach out, explore the Motivation Wall, and let’s uplift each other along this journey of growth and learning.

The Office of the Campus Director expresses its gratitude to Ms. Rea Mae Jocel Cledera for making this wall available to everyone. ❤️
[Original caption from SorSU-BC Supreme Student Council]
Sorsogon State University – Bulan Campus