SorSU-COT further capacitates its faculty on research proposal writing through ‘Unlocking the Power of Digital Resources for Research Writing Success 1 & 2’ training-workshop

With the aim to acquire essential digital research skills beneficial to current research projects and, at the same time, empower the participants in the ever-changing digital academic landscape, Sorsogon State University – College of Technology (SorSU-COT) is presently conducting a two-day training-workshop for its core faculty members, together with the twenty-seven (27) selected academic professors/instructors as technical support, at the SorSU University E-library, Sorsogon City Campus, from April 11-12, 2024.

Day 1 of the training-workshop featured Session 1: What Digital Resources SorSU Library Can Offer Session by Mr. Alec Carreon as well as 2: Introduction to Digital Resources and Effective Search Strategy and 3: Assessing and Evaluating Digital Sources and Citation Management Tools by Prof. Maricel A. Dichoso (COT Research Coordinator). Moreover, the afternoon activity highlighted a workshop session. Dr. Orlando D. Doncillo (Dean, COT) also provided an opening message prior to the training-workshop proper.

Meanwhile, Day 2 will focus on the Prior Art Search talk session by Prof. Michael P. Gamba as well as a workshop activity and presentations.
The training-workshop is designed to enhance the successful research outputs of the faculty members of the College of Technology. (SorSU PIO)