SorSU Magallanes Campus Games 2024 and Young Entrepreneurs Expo

Magallanes Campus Updates:

Day 1: March 11, 2024, Monday
The start of the weeklong event was devoted for praise and thanksgiving celebrated through a Holy Mass held at SorSU Auditorium with Rev. Fr. Benedicto Furo. This was followed by a writing workshop dubbed “WRIGHTE IT” Campus Journalism Seminar with the renowned and award-winning veteran journalist Mr. Christian Jay B. Hilotin and a senior web content editor of the Gulf News Miss “Tweet” for sharing their expertise to the budding writers. The activity was spearheaded by the Aqua Cannel Publication with Mr. Marco Valenciano, adviser. The day was also highlighted with the presence of Ms. Mary Rose P. Gabuyo, MS Marine Science graduate and former Research Associate of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute.

The SorSU Games is simultaneously conducted with the BS Entrepreneurship’s activities themed as “Young Entrepreneurs Expo: Start Up Sparks” aimed at showcasing their innovative products, and gain valuable business experience, boost confidence and facilitate networking opportunities. Products and foods are available within the designated premises in the campus and open until Friday. The endeavor is spearheaded by the Young Entrepreneurship Society Organization.

Day 2: Opening of SorSU Games 2024
The activity started with a parade around the town with the PNP and the Magallanes National High School Drum and Lyre Corps. Participated by the SorSU MC Personnel and students featuring the Harry Potter Inspired theme from the four houses Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Likewise the Opening Program was graced by the ever smart and supportive SorSU President Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus as well as Mr. Oliver Garbin, Director, Sports, Culture, and Arts.

The evening was filled with much anticipation during the Search for Ms and Mr. Intramurals 2024.
Winners are as follows:
Mr. Intramurals 2024 – Mr. Devin Cachapero (Hufflepuff) and Ms. Intramurals 2024 Ms. Bea Diche (Slytherin).
1st Runner-Up: Mr. Nino Mendoza, (Gryffindor) Ms. Joan M. Lotino (Gryffindor).
2nd Runner-Up Mr. Edgardo Jeresano (Slytherin) Ms. Christine Joy Lanzanas (Hufflepuff).
3rd-Runner-Up: Mr. Edkevin Dumagas (Ravenclaw) and Ms. Lyra de Guzman (Ravenclaw).

Day 3: Wednesday Events: All ball games, chess, e-games, badminton and athletics
Day 4: Thursday Events: Continuation of SorSU Games and Search for Mr. and Ms Entrepreneur 2024 @6pm.