SorSU Games 2024: Igniting Passion, Uniting Spirits at Castilla Campus

The College of Agriculture at Sorsogon State University’s Castilla Campus recently played host to the electrifying three-day SorSU Games 2024. With athletes from Unit 1 Gallant Griffins, Unit 2 Wildcats, and Unit 3 Red Falcons vying for victory, the campus buzzed with excitement and competitive fervor.

Spanning a multitude of sports, including athletics, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess, sepak takraw, and e-sports, the games offered something for every sports enthusiast. Each event was meticulously organized by dedicated sports managers, ensuring a seamless and supportive environment for all participants.

The festivities kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony, featuring a vibrant parade through Brgy. Mayon and an exhilarating mass demonstration. The symbolic lighting of the ceremonial torch marked the official commencement of the games, symbolizing unity and sportsmanship among competitors. Adding to the excitement, a color fun run promoted fitness and creativity among students while injecting a burst of energy into the atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the event was the search for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals, where Cesar Villafuerte from Unit 1 and Jonalyn Llames from Unit 2 were crowned Mr. and Ms. SorSU Castilla, respectively. This celebration of beauty, grace, and sportsmanship further enriched the spirit of the games.

Musical talents took center stage during the Battle of the Bands Musical Competition 2024, featuring competing bands Crispy King from Unit 1 and Harmonia from Unit 3, along with guest performer Parokya ni Aaron. In a showcase of musical prowess, Unit 3’s Harmonia emerged victorious, highlighting the diverse talents within the university community.

Ultimately, it was Unit 1 Gallant Griffins who clinched the overall championship title, securing the gold. Unit 3 Red Falcons closely followed, earning the silver, while Unit 2 Wildcats claimed the bronze, underscoring the competitive spirit and athletic excellence of all participating units.

Beyond mere competition, the 2024 SorSU Games were a celebration of camaraderie, talent, and sportsmanship. Participants honed their skills, forged bonds of unity, and embodied the values inherent in sportsmanship. This year’s games left an enduring impact on participants and spectators alike, reaffirming the pivotal role of sports in shaping well-rounded individuals.

Acknowledgments go to the Sports, Culture, and Arts Coordinator, Ms. Marianne Miranda, the unwavering support from school officials and administration, and the collective effort of various school organizations, unit managers, and the entire school community in making the event a resounding success. (Sorsogon State University-Castilla Campus)

Credits to: Kristine Mae Equipado, Jenelyn Jesoro, Abegail Diaz and Marc Clarence Dacullo
📷E.J. Arcos