Marking the official commencement of SorSU Games 2024 at Sorsogon City Campus, an opening parade around the town featuring the House of Ravenclaw (Unit I), House of Gryffindor (Unit II), House of Hufflepuff (Unit III), & House of Slytherin (Unit IV) for Laboratory High School as well as showcasing the House of Verdant Vipers (COEA), House of Golden Phoenix (CBM), House of Crimson Wolves (COT), & House of Navy Falcons (CoTEdM), alongside their respective official candidates, bench cheer dancers, athletes, major & minor organizations/students, faculty members, and non-teaching staff.

Prior to the formal opening, the official candidates for Mx. Olympus and Search for Mr. & Ms. Olympus 2024 enthusiastically introduced themselves to the crowd during the showdown.

Meanwhile, the audience was delightfully entertained by the impressive and well-coordinated performances of the aforesaid units/colleges at the SorSU Kasanggayahan Amphitheater, Sorsogon City Campus. (SorSU PIO)