SorSU-Lab High Grade-7 student Renovalles flies to Malaysia — reigns as silver medalist and second top scorer both at IMOCSEA & ISOCSEA – International Round (Secondary 1)

Contending against top-tier academic institutions across Southeast Asian countries as well as Bulgaria, Maemi Maria Philippe J. Renovalles, a Grade 7 student of Sorsogon State University – Laboratory High School (SorSU-LHS), has once again extraordinarily brought home pride and honor to the Pamantasang May Puso and the country as she outstandingly seized the silver medal and was hailed as the second top scorer both for International Mathematics Olympiad Competition of Southeast Asia (IMOCSEA) and International Science Olympiad Competition of Southeast Asia (ISOCSEA) – International Round (Secondary 1), held at Resorts World, Langkawi, Malaysia, from December 26-30, 2023.

Alongside the Philippine Team representatives, Maemi was also accompanied in the international Mathematics and Science competitions by Science Coach, Prof. Maria Flora J. Renovalles (Department Head, SorSU-LHS) and Math Coach/Trainor, Mr. Kristopher A. Hiloma (SorSU-CoTEdM Faculty Member).

The Pamantasang May Puso is beyond proud of your outstanding victory and achievement, Maemi, and big applause to her coaches/trainers, Prof. Maria Flora J. Renovalles (Department Head, SorSU-LHS & Science Coach); Mr. Kristopher Hiloma (CoTEd Faculty Member & Math Coach); Mr. Lemuel L. Desacula (BSED 2-Sciences & Science Tutor/Trainer); and SorSU – Laboratory High School!

Thank you, Maemi, for your unwavering hard work, perseverance, and commitment to bringing pride and glory to the University! Indeed, you are a testament to the standard of academic excellence that the Pamantasang May Puso steadfastly upholds! (SorSU PIO)

Photo credits: Prof. Maria Flora J. Renovalles