SorSU-LHS reigns as Overall 2nd Runner-Up at 2024 Division Schools Press Conference — bags several awards, secures RSPC Qualifiers for 6 events

The Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates the SorSU – Laboratory High School (LHS) and its student-journalists of The Plane and Ang Anluwagi (Official Student Publication of SorSU-LHS) for being hailed as the Overall 2nd Runner-Up during the recently-concluded three-day 2024 Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC), where SorSU-LHS student-journalists victoriously clinched numerous accolades and remarkably garnered Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) qualifiers for six (6) events: Sports Writing, News Writing, & Science and Technology – English Category; Editorial Writing – Filipino; and Photojournalism (both English & Filipino), held last April 1-3, 2024.

The Pamantasang May Puso applauds the following student-journalist champs and their respective coaches, to wit:

Gabb Adrian F. Afable – 1st Place (RSPC Qualifier)
Sports Writing (English)
Coach: Mr. Vincent A. Destacamento

Krycel Mae E. Yanto – 2nd Place (RSPC Qualifier)
News Writing (English)
Coach: Ms. Frances Grace J. Jetomo

Joermah Agatha D. Arcenal – 2nd Place (RSPC Qualifier)
Science and Technology (English)
Coach: Ms. Reign Joy Merca

Kimberly Suzanne H. Noble – 2nd Place (RSPC Qualifier)
Photojournalism (Filipino)
Coach: Ms. Amelyn D. Dio

Dyan D. Janer – 3rd Place (RSPC Qualifier)
Editorial Writing (Filipino)
Coach: Prof. Jucelyn B. Ombao

Elaine Francesca E. Duana – 3rd Place (RSPC Qualifier)
Photojournalism (English)
Coach: Ms. Amelyn D. Dio

Radio Scriptwriting and Broadcasting (English Category) – 2nd Place
1. Hannah Beth D. Salvante
2. Francis James Diaz
3. Kimberly D. Luna
4. Miley Samantha G. Reniva
5. John Robert R. Aycocho
6. Regis Adrianne Desales
7. Althea Bagagnan
Coach: Prof. Christine D. Romorosa

Radio Script writing and Broadcasting (Filipino Category) – 3rd Place
1. Ivo J. Vasquez
2. Khate Andes
3. Stephen Walter M. Aninipot
4 Ralph Christian Lasin
5. Ashley Nicole Villagomez
6. Alexandra Dechavez
7. Usha Rena H. Bautista
Coach: Ms. Maria Celeste J. Lagata

Maemi Maria Philippe J. Renovalles – 5th Place
Editorial Writing (English)
Coach: Prof. Anabell A. Manga

David Janzen B. Dollesin – 5th Place
Sports Writing (Filipino)
Coach: Mr. Vincent A. Destacamento

Brye Daniel A.Guiyab – 5th Place
Editorial Cartooning (English)
Coach: Mr. John Edward F. Haz

The Sorsogon State University extends its warm congratulations to SorSU-LHS student-journalists and their respective coaches for representing the institution and bringing pride and glory to the SorSU community in the field of Journalism/Journalistic Writing. Your outstanding achievements serve as a source of motivation to your fellow SorSUenos and underscore SorSU’s commitment as a premier university to providing opportunities for students to thrive in diverse fields beyond the confines of academics toward the pursuit of holistic excellence and development. Kudos also to the whole ‘The Plane and Ang Anluwagi’ organization (Official Student Publication of SorSU-LHS) and its advisers: Ms. Maria Celeste J. Lagata and Ms. Sophia Millen A. Tena; as well as Prof. Maria Flora J. Renovalles (SorSU-LHS Department Head); and the entire SorSU-Laboratory High School! (SorSU PIO)

Photo credit: Kimberly Suzanne H. Noble (Photojournalist)