SorSU Peer Facilitators Organization spearhead ‘Peer Kamustahan’

Kamusta mga Ka-PEER!

How was the last few weeks SorSUenos? Was it smooth flowing or a bumpy ride? Whatever your answer may be, the SorSU Peer Facilitator’s Organization has prepared a special event just for you! The PEER KAMUSTAHAN will be a way for you to talk about all the things that you have been feeling, rant all your stress out, and talk to your heart’s content. We the PFO will be your shoulder to lean on and will listen to whatever you will say.

This is how you can join the PEER KAMUSTAHAN by following the steps bellow:

  1. Go to your nearest SorSU Covered Court on April 17 for the Main Campus and April 19 for the Baribag Site
  2. Write your name, course and year at the registration booth, and fill up the consent form provided.
  3. There will be a waiting area, please wait until then, you can play with the toys provided by us. You will then be called by a Peer Facilitator.
  4. You will be assigned with a group, they will be a stranger to you, but in that circle, they’re your friends.
  5. Relax and try to release the stress you have been building up these past few days, try to have fun.
    What to expect in the PEER KAMUSTAHAN:
  6. Practice confidentiality
  7. You will be assigned randomly, don’t be alarmed, what is said inside your circle, will stay inside the circle.
  8. There will be Peer Facilitators that will serve as your confidant (or friend), and they will ask you questions. Please answer them truthfully
  9. The Peer Kamustahan is there for you to release the built up stress, it is your avenue to talk, rant and speak your mind out, do not hesitate to say anything (no cursing and swearing, of course )
  10. There will be a time for you to speak, take your time but be wary of other’s time to speak too.
  11. There will be a photo booth near the exit, have fun taking pictures with the new friends you have made in the Peer Kamustahan.
    We hope that this event will ease the burden that you have been carrying, see you soon mga Ka-PEERS



Publication Material: Venice Perdiz, J Gerard Arevalo | SorSU Peer Facilitators Organization