SorSU produces 40 newly registered electrical engineers!

Congratulations to 40 Newly Licensed Electrical Engineers of Sorsogon State University!

With tremendous pride and enthusiasm, the Sorsogon State University (SorSU) warmly congratulates its forty (40) newly licensed electrical engineers for successfully passing the April 2024 Registered Electrical Engineers Licensure Examination, conducted last April 24-25, 2024.

Released last May 02, 2024, or three (3) working days after the exam, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) officially announced that 4,436 out of 7,005 examinees passed the licensure examination. Significantly, the University’s overall performance rating is 65.57%, relatively higher than the 63.33% national passing percentage. Further, SorSUeno first-time takers successfully achieved a notable 69.81% passing percentage.

The following are SorSU’s newly registered electrical engineers, to wit:

  1. Engr. Alvin Jr Baldorado Baeza
  2. Engr. Albec John Doluntap Balanoyos
  3. Engr. Emmanuel Dela Pena Balina
  4. Engr. John Mark Detablan Belando
  5. Engr. Arlianna Estelle Signo Benavides
  6. Engr. Daryl Espedido Bo
  7. Engr. Jessa Martinez Cadag
  8. Engr. Nica Camposano Carinola
  9. Engr. Janine Kayle Escader Canas
  10. Engr. James Oddeseus Bautista Dalanon
  11. Engr. Arlene Deladia Deblois
  12. Engr. Niel Asilo Destacamento
  13. Engr. Jalyn Duque Diche
  14. Engr. Cedrick Polinag Discaya
  15. Engr. Arjay Obana Dollente
  16. Engr. Daniel Diones Domo
  17. Engr. John Carlo Rebollido Doroja
  18. Engr. Alexandra Anne Gaton Ebron
  19. Engr. Mark Laurence Esquierra Engay
  20. Engr. Jay-Ar Guela Enteria
  21. Engr. Edgar II Tesorero Erlano
  22. Engr. Philip Jose Ricafrente Escarcha
  23. Engr. Arian Bagasala Espeno
  24. Engr. Angelica Endonela Espineda
  25. Engr. Jenevie Mangampo Esteves
  26. Engr. Alfie Furton Estidola
  27. Engr. Aleen Bon Fulgencio
  28. Engr. Leizel Oseo Geranco
  29. Engr. Jonaley Dulva Hadap
  30. Engr. Carla Estayan Jebulan
  31. Engr. Jhoanna Paula Andalis Josue
  32. Engr. John Kenneth Berden Labalan
  33. Engr. Shandale Salazar Macapagal
  34. Engr. Seth Futalan Mendones
  35. Engr. Ma. Yme Bianka Latorre Naldo
  36. Engr. Valerie Duka Padua
  37. Engr. Louydine Victor Villamor Regaspi
  38. Engr. Aldrin Jae Medina Riondanga
  39. Engr. Angelu Atizado Rivero
  40. Engr. Jrmar Fazon Sanchez

A warm applause and praise to the College of Engineering and Architecture (COEA) and its Dean, Engr. Rufo D. Durian III (Dean, COEA), faculty and mentors, and above all, the REE board passers for their successful examination. The passers’ achievements not only demonstrate individual victories but also invaluable pride and glory to the esteemed Pamantasang May Puso!

The Sorsogon State University community takes great prestige in congratulating the 40 newly licensed SorSU Electrical Engineers and celebrates, in collective honor and delight, their outstanding accomplishment! (SorSU PIO)