SorSU recommended with initial authority to operate BS Biology I-II following successful CHED RQAT Visit — to offer BS Biology program this coming AY 2024-2025

Pursuant to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 49, s. 2017, Sorsogon State University (SorSU) Bachelor of Science in Biology program under its newly established College of Sciences successfully underwent CHED Regional Quality Assessment Team (RQAT) visit, headed by Dr. Jean Salalima-Go (Education Supervisor II, CHED ROV) and Dr. Michael A. Clores (Member, Regional Quality Assessment Team for the Pure Sciences Programs) and, thus, was recommended with initial authority to operate BS Biology I-II, held at the SorSU Science Integrated Laboratory – 2nd Floor, on March 26, 2024.

Prior to the program evaluation, CHED RQAT Member Dr. Michael A. Clores, together with SorSU officials, paid a courtesy call to SUC President III, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus.

The CHED RQAT visit formally commenced with opening remarks from Dr. Telesforo D. Escoto (Campus Director, Sorsogon City Campus), underscoring that the visit is an important opportunity for SorSU to demonstrate the quality and excellence in its preparation for the BS Biology program.

“With your visit, we can now determine the university’s capacity to offer the program and ensure its alignment with CHED-mandated requirements and standards. We greatly appreciate your expertise, insights, recommendations, and constructive feedback as you will help us identify the areas of our strengths and the areas we need to improve to further enhance the quality of our Bachelor of Science in Biology program.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Michael A. Clores (RQAT Member) delivered the event’s statement of purpose, noting that the visit is intended to examine and assess the university’s preparation and readiness in its application for government authority to operate the BS Biology program.

The CHED RQAT visit highlighted the thorough documentation review and assessment on various areas, to wit: administration, faculty qualifications, curriculum, physical facilities, library, and student services. Further, an exit conference activity was held at the SorSU – Office of the President, where Dr. Salalima-Go and Dr. Clores presented their respective feedback and impressions on the aforementioned evaluated areas.

Ultimately, based on the documentary requirements and actual visit of the esteemed CHED RQAT team, the program was assessed to be compliant with the minimum standards per CMO No. 49, s. 2017. Therefore, the University was recommended with initial authority to operate the BS Biology program. Under CMO No. 9, s. 2023, SorSU will be provided with the Report on the Result of the Preliminary Assessment (RRPA) indicating its readiness and capability to offer the BS Biology program. Marking yet another outstanding milestone, the institution intends to formally offer the program this coming Academic Year 2024-2025.

Notably, the success of the RQAT visit was greatly contributed by the following key individuals. Headed by Dr. Richard V. Dumilag (Overall Chair, Technical Working Group & Dean, College of Sciences), the TWG of the BS Biology Program Assessment included Prof. Franklin P. Calaminos, Prof. Mylene J. Lascano, Ms. Cyrin Mae G. Burton, and Ms. Mabille R. Longavela, alongside Mr. Jaymark Samson (Head, Program Development & Standards) and the following Support Staff: Ms. Aireen D. Malto, Ms. Adin A. Dreo, Mr. Randolf Dolar, and Mr. Jomari D. Dig. Moreover, instrumental as well in this event were the following Core Faculty Members of BS Biology: Prof. Teresa Haide R. Belgica, Dr. Jenet B. Fuentes (Director, Quality Assurance), and Dr. Eric E. Fuentes. Dr. Jhonner D. Ricafort (Vice President for Academic Affairs) was also present and in full support of the RQAT visit.

Congratulations to the SorSU academic community and all key officials for achieving such a remarkable undertaking! (SorSU PIO)