SorSU SSC-Faculty Association (SSC-FA) members collectively convene for General Assembly 2024 — elect a new set of SorSU SSC-FA Officers (2024-2026)

With a total number of 316 faculty attendees (Sorsogon City Campus – 217; Bulan Campus – 40; Castilla Campus – 41; & Magallanes Campus – 18), Sorsogon State University – SSC Faculty Association (SorSU SSC-FA), headed by Prof. Achilles G. Honasan (SorSU SSC-FA Outgoing President/Faculty Regent), spearheaded FA General Assembly 2024, highlighting updates on the conducted Board of Regents (BOR) meetings, presentation of Accomplishment Report as of March 2024 & Treasurer’s Report, as well as the election of the new set of SorSU SSC-FA Officers for the Term 2024-2026, held today, April 5, 2024, at the SorSU Social Hall, Sorsogon City Campus.

The FA General Assembly began with the opening remarks of Ms. Jinky D. Ballon (Outgoing Vice President, SorSU SSC-FA). Afterward, SUC President III, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, also delivered a message to the faculty attendees across four campuses of the University, where she emphasized the meaning and relevance of University Core Values – HEART (Heart/ Excellence/ Accountability/ Resilience/ Trustworthiness), which the administration crafted and adopted last year.

SorSU President De Jesus also highlighted, “As a final word, I am enjoining all of you to do your best in accomplishing your duties and tasks as members of our faculty. Teaching is our sacred vocation and we are not only imparting knowledge and skills to our students but also enlightening their minds so that they will become productive and conscientious citizens of our society. Through our present work and sacrifices, we mold today’s youth and even the future generations – and in the process, influence the direction and progress of our nation.”

“And with this association, let us strengthen our solidarity as instructors and professors of this Pamantasang May Puso for us to effectively serve our communities with foresight, selflessness, dedication, and compassion. Here at SorSU, we belong to One Family and we rise as one…Let us spread kindness and love to each and every one – to our community, our teachers, and our students – and make Sorsogon State University the best place to stay.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Jhonner D. Ricafort (Vice President for Academic Affairs), during his message, expressed his appreciation to the FA attendees for their commitment and dedication and for proactively fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as faculty members of the university. Dr. Ricafort also stated that a total of 2,400 students are expected to graduate this year, underscoring that the success of the students is attributed to the passion, hard work, and devotion of SorSU faculty professors/instructors.

He added, “The election of the new set of officers today is not merely a procedural necessity. It is an opportunity to infuse our coordination with fresh perspectives and renewed energy. So, I extend my heartfelt thanks to the outgoing officers of the faculty organizations and faculty association for your dedication and services, especially to Faculty Regent Prof. Achilles. And to the incoming officers of the Faculty Association, congratulations in advance. Let us continue to uphold the standard of excellence that defines Sorsogon State University.”

Subsequently, the respective Faculty Organization (FO) Presidents presented and introduced the newly hired faculty members of their respective campuses. Moreover, prior to the General Assembly Proper was a talk session on health insurance, informing the faculty members of its benefits and significance. On the other hand, the General Assembly Proper centered on the updates on the conducted BOR meetings discussed by Prof. Achilles G. Honasan (SorSU SSC-FA Outgoing President/Faculty Regent), presentation of Accomplishment Report, as well as the Treasurer’s Report by Mr. David John S. Cayetano (Outgoing Treasurer, SorSU SSC-FA), and other matters.

Further, one of the highlights of this year’s FA assembly is the election of officers, which was facilitated and administered by the appointed Commission on Election (COMELEC) officials. Below is the new set of SorSU SSC-FA Officers for the Term 2024- 2026, to wit:

President: Dr. Perry S. Carpio
Vice President: Prof. Mark John G. Guysayko
Secretary: Dr. Maryjean N. Gamba
Treasurer: Dr. Ritzelda M. Deri
Auditor: Prof. Aldin D. Labo
Business Manager: Ms. Krishia B. Lachica
PRO: Mr. Paul Ian Dealca

In addition, the elected FA Legislative Council (2024-2026) Officers are the following:
Chairman: Prof. Jopet Vincent B. Medalla
Vice Chairman: Arch. Garner Ted O. Olavere
Secretary: Ms. Mary Ann D. Especial (SorSU PIO)