SorSU successfully concludes five-day Preliminary Survey Visit AACCUP Online Accreditation on six programs

SorSU successfully concludes five-day Preliminary Survey Visit AACCUP Online Accreditation on six programs — AACCUP Coordinator Dr. Sedanza commends and affirms the readiness of programs under survey for Level I Accreditation

With unwavering dedication and proactive initiatives to raising the bar of quality education and providing improved services, Sorsogon State University (SorSU) – Office of the Quality Assurance, headed by Dr. Jenet B. Fuentes (Director, SorSU QA), SorSU-Accreditation Task Force, SorSU-Accreditation Working Committees, and other SorSU key officials convened in solidarity during the exit conference of the five-day Preliminary Survey Visit AACCUP Online Program Accreditation conducted by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) on SorSU’s six program offerings on March 22, 2024, through a hybrid mode setup at the SorSU Boardroom for in-person as well as online via Zoom Meeting.

In his Program and Overall Impressions, Dr. Nestor C. Sedanza (Coordinator, AACCUP, Inc. Team) discussed the respective findings and recommendations of the AACCUP accreditors for the six evaluated programs, namely, PhD Mathematics, PhD Language Education, & MAT FSM and Electrical Technology under Graduate School as well as BPED, BCAED, & BSNED under Sorsogon City Campus.

“These are my overall impressions — the program documents under survey are available and adequate. Some are very adequate, that is why the timeframe for the 1st Survey Visit after the Preliminary Survey Visit [is] not earlier than one year, and within six months.”

“Finally, I would like to acknowledge and commend the effort, initiative, and strong support of the key University officials, headed by the University President [SUC President III, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus], vice presidents, deans, campus directors, quality assurance director, and program heads, accreditation task forces & committees, and staff & others for your relentless journey toward quality education… Congratulations everyone for a successful online accreditation survey visit. Mabuhay ang Sorsogon State University! Mabuhay ang AACCUP!”

As a response, Mr. Gerald E. Fulay, JD (Vice President for Administration and Finance), in his Acceptance and Pledge of Commitment, conveyed his profound gratitude and appreciation to the AACCUP accreditors for their time and effort extended to the University during the Preliminary Survey Visit.

VPAF Fulay likewise emphasized, “The University accepts the findings and recommendations of the distinguished accreditors, knowing fully well that these are invaluable inputs and contributions as we endeavor toward achieving the global objective of improving our programs with the end of mind of delivering quality education.”

“In like manner, the University commits to comply with all the recommendations of the accreditors, and we [will] exert the necessary efforts and initiatives to positively respond to this challenge.”

Afterward, the Virtual Presentation of Certificates of Recognition for the distinguished panel of AACCUP accreditors followed. Subsequently, the event concluded with the closing messages from Dr. Bernard F. Quinones (Coordinator, Office of the Quality Assurance – Graduate School) and Mr. Anthony L. Madrazo (Coordinator, Office of the Quality Assurance – Sorsogon City Campus).

During Dr. Quinones’ closing remarks, he expressed the appreciation of the Graduate School to the SorSU administration, faculty, and most especially, the esteemed AACCUP accreditors for sparing time out of their busy personal and professional schedules.

“I am certain that the takeaways from this endeavor will further deepen our thinking and stimulate our collaborative work for the future. We are not in disagreement with the comments, recommendations given to us by the accreditors. But certainly, we look into [them] as invaluable contributions and formative words guiding us for a better Graduate School of the Sorsogon State University committed [to] serving the community. Starting today, we look forward to working for Level I Accreditation.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Madrazo highlighted in his message that the program accreditation process is one of the measures for the effectiveness and sustainability of the programs under survey. He added, “We also recognize the areas needed for improvement. This allows us to improve our systems, processes, policies, and practices to cater [to] more clients and produce globally competitive professional educators This orientation is not the end, but a new beginning to grow and be the best version against the local, national, and international standards.” (SorSU PIO)