SorSU welcomes its Lab High students back for the first day of classes; Tertiary, Graduate Levels enrollment is still ongoing

Despite the heavy-pouring rain, Sorsogon State University – Laboratory High School students of the Junior and Senior Department attended the start of their classes on January 9, 2023, following the holiday break.

Meanwhile, enrollment for tertiary and graduate levels is still ongoing, to wit:

Tertiary Level:

January 9-11, 2023 – 4th Year and 5th Year College

January 11-13, 2023 – 3rd Year College

January 13, 16-17, 2023 – 2nd Year College

January 16-19, 2023 – 1st Year College

January 20, 2023 – Irregular, Returnee, Transferee

Graduate School:

January 9-20, 2023 – All classes

In connection, the start of classes for the Graduate Level and Tertiary Level is on January 21, 2023, and January 23, 2023, respectively.