SorSU seals contract of agreement with 3rd International Visiting Professor (IVP) Prof. Hoang Ahn Tuan from National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

In continual pursuit and undertaking to establishing itself as a premier research university on a worldwide ranking and providing quality education and global learning experiences to SorSUenos, a ceremonial contract signing between Sorsogon State University (SorSU) and SorSU’s 3rd International Visiting Professor (IVP), Prof. Hoang Anh Tuan (Teaching and Research Assistant in National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan) formally took place today, June 10, 2024, at the SorSU Boardroom, Sorsogon City Campus.

During the ceremonial signing program, Dr. Jhonner D. Ricafort (Vice President for Academic Affairs), in his welcome message, underscored that the occasion is part of the institution’s commitment to providing its students with truly engaging educational experience with a world-class education to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

VPAA Ricafort emphasized, “I believe that your [Prof. Hoang Anh Tuan’s] expertise and experience will undoubtedly enrich our academic environment… We are eager to support you in your teaching and research endeavors and look forward to the wealth of experiences and perspectives you will bring to our community.”

Meanwhile, SUC President III, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, highlighted in her message that Mr. Hoang’s arrival and commitment to share his expertise with the Graduate School, one of SorSU’s flagship units, is another opportunity to advance the university’s internationalization goals as well as acquire new academic and professional perspectives — and at the same time reciprocate with the SorSU community’s own expertise and relevant experiences.

“We firmly believe that active collaboration between universities and scholars is paramount to improve the quality of education. In this way, we share scientific and technical knowledge — but more important, develop cultural awareness and appreciation between Asians and other peoples.”

Prof. Hoang Anh Tuan, in response, expressed his deep appreciation to the SorSU officials for their warm and gracious reception, affirming his commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. He added, “I look forward to sharing my knowledge and insights with all of you in this Midyear Term and beyond. Once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the [SorSU] President and other distinguished professors & faculty members in Sorsogon State University for this warmly welcoming meeting.”

Relatively, Prof. Hoang Anh Tuan is pursuing a Doctorate program in Educational Studies at the Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan. He obtained a Master of Education in Educational Administration at the Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University, Thailand, in 2014.

Moreover, Dr. Gerry S. Digo (Program Chair, EdD-ELM/MED/MAM-AS), during his Words of Gratitude, conveyed his profound gratitude to the SorSU executive officials, headed by SorSU President De Jesus, for their unwavering commitment and support to the undertakings of SorSU-GS, particularly its academic collaboration with Prof. Hoang.

SUC President III, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, represented the Sorsogon State University during the ceremonial signing, whereas VPAA Ricafort, Mr. Gerald E. Fulay, JD (Vice President for Administration and Finance), Dr. Susan S. Janer (Dean, SorSU-GS), and Dr. Vivien L. Chua (Director, International Relations Office) served as witnesses of the ceremony.

The contract signing was also attended by the following SorSU-GS program chairs/faculty members: Sherill A. Gilbas (Program Chair, PhD Language Education), Dr. Errol G. De Castro (Program Chair, DPA/MAM-PA), Dr. Ritzelda A. Deri (Program Chair, PhD Mathematics/MAED), Dr. Felisa D. Marbella (Program Chair, PhD Filipino), Dr. Catherine A. De Castro (Director, Planning Management), and Dr. Susan F. Astillero (GS IRO Coordinator).

Further, the SorSU-GS faculty subsequently held an onboarding session for Prof. Hoang following the ceremonial signing, where the IVP was initially oriented about his teaching load, necessary preparations for the Midyear Term, grading system, accomplishment reports/portfolio, as well as potential areas for joint research engagements and other collaborative endeavors.

Prof. Hoang’s tenure at SorSU-GS (Midyear Term) is comprised of a two-month face-to-face stay at the academe while the remaining one (1) month shall be completed virtually through online teaching-learning modality in the IVP’s University of origin. He will be handling the graduate course on Comparative Educational Administration under the SorSU – Graduate School Program, in addition to engaging in research collaborations, seminars/trainings for Graduate School students, and other collaborative undertakings with SorSU.

As a point of reference, SorSU’s first two International Visiting Professors are Mr. Tran Vo Ahn Dhuy (Accounting & Finance Lecturer from Kien Giang University, Vietnam) through the faculty exchange program at SorSU-Bulan Campus and Dr. Georgia Hart-Fredeluces (Research Assistant, Idaho State University & Conservation Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) under SorSU-GS. (SorSU PIO)