The Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates its 32 newly licensed architects for successfully passing the 2024 Architect Licensure Examination (ALE) held last January 24 and 26, 2024.

As officially announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), 1,809 out of 2,933 examinees passed the licensure examination. The University’s overall performance rating is 62.75%, thus outstandingly exceeding the national passing percentage of 61.68%.
SorSU’s newly registered architects are as follows:

  1. Arch’t. Christian Barbacena Antonio
  2. Arch’t. Shirly Escobedo Antonio
  3. Arch’t. Joan Cathlyn Orosco Asurto
  4. Arch’t. Rachel Bernadette Galan Ayo
  5. Arch’t. Rey John Datu Besmonte
  6. Arch’t. Fatima Camposano Brin
  7. Arch’t. Sherwin Dino Cielo
  8. Arch’t. Cedric Jamisola Dagnalan
  9. Arch’t. Anna Quiara Altamia Dellosa
  10. Arch’t. Reden Tacurda Demdam
  11. Arch’t. Regine Escueta Deterala
  12. Arch’t. Daryl Deladia Dichoso
  13. Arch’t. John Paul Hagupit Ferreras
  14. Arch’t. Christian Troyo Figueras
  15. Arch’t. Fredhen Clavillas Fullente
  16. Arch’t. Ralph Fulong Furio
  17. Arch’t. Edward Emil Dahug Gamos
  18. Arch’t. Ma. Ann Laurice Guelas Gerero
  19. Arch’t. Ma. Ruth Valeriano Habalita
  20. Arch’t. Jerwin Dechavez Habitan
  21. Arch’t. Warren Tutor Hara
  22. Arch’t. Edwin Dulay Jamoso
  23. Arch’t. Kristine Joy Bajar Jintalan
  24. Arch’t. Ria Nedua Lacra
  25. Arch’t. Gener Bismar Lacsa
  26. Arch’t. Mar Luis Bronola Lacuin
  27. Arch’t. Ronalyn Dumaplin Lim
  28. Arch’t. Ken Angelo Doloiras Magbanua
  29. Arch’t. John Rex Abutog Morales
  30. Arch’t. Feby Buen Odena
  31. Arch’t. Luz Endraca Pajac
  32. Arch’t. Angelica Agnote Sapallo

The SorSU community commends the BS – Architecture Program & its Program Chair, Arch’t. Aaron Peter R. Nato; faculty and mentors; and above all, the ALE passers for their hard work, determination, and commitment to succeed on the examination.

Once again, the Pamantasang May Puso extends its warm congratulations to the newly licensed SorSU architects and celebrates with them on this victorious day! Thank you for bringing pride and glory to the University! (SorSU PIO)