Conversations beyond borders: Cultural Exchange Initiative of SorSU Bulan Campus

CONVERSATIONS BEYOND BORDERS ǀ In an exciting cultural exchange initiative, Sorsogon State University – Bulan Campus in The Philippines and Kien Giang University – Faculty of Foreign Languages in Vietnam, joined forces for the Culture & Convos: Virtual Student Cultural Exchange Program on October 10, 2023. The event marked a meaningful exchange of ideas, practices, and a valuable opportunity for enhancing English communication skills.

The event was attended by first-year students taking Bachelor in Public Administration, representing SorSU-Bulan Campus, while the first-year students from Listening and Speaking Classes 1 and 2 proudly represented KGU. To ensure the most meaningful interactions, students were divided into ten smaller groups, optimizing the exchange experience.

During the opening ceremony, Professor Ma. Elena C. Demdam, Director of SorSU-Bulan Campus, emphasized the significance of the event in enhancing students’ communication skills and fostering cultural sensitivity, two critical aspects in preparing SorSU students to become globally-competitive. She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the KGU officials for their unwavering commitment to the partnership, which originally began with the faculty exchange program.

On the other hand, Professor Nguyen Van Thong, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at KGU, spoke of the event not just as an academic endeavor but as a unique opportunity to forge new friendships and establish connections that transcend borders.

The Culture & Convos program is not a one-time affair. In fact, two more batches of cultural conversations are scheduled for October 13, 2023. This time, first-year students taking BS Information Systems and BS Computer Science programs from Sorsogon State University will participate, ensuring that the spirit of cross-cultural understanding continues to flourish. This ongoing initiative is poised to become a beacon of cooperation and camaraderie between the two institutions, breaking down borders through meaningful conversations and shared experiences.