CoTEdM Week Day 2 showcases demo teaching 2.0, launches CoTEd Talks

Organized under the theme, “Ignite, Innovate, Inspire: Revolutionizing Teacher Education Towards a Culture of Excellence,” the five-day CoTEdM Week featured an array of activities on its Day 2, including Teaching Demonstration 2.0 and the launch of CoTEd Talks, on May 08, 2024, at the SorSU-CoTEd Building and SorSU Audio-Visual Hall, Sorsogon City.

The Teaching Demonstration 2.0 of the College proudly exhibited the teaching prowess of its aspiring young educators. Selected participants from various programs such as BEEd, BSNEd, BCAEd, BPEd, BSEd-English, BSEd-Filipino, BSEd-Mathematics, BSEd-Sciences, and BTVTEd (Electrical; Automotive; FSM) showcased their competence and effectiveness in teaching-learning process in the classroom setting.

Meanwhile, CoTEd Talks was the highlight of the afternoon session. Seven notable alumni of the College were invited as guest speakers with the aim to share their exemplary accomplishments and milestones among future educators. The esteemed speakers were composed of Mr. Erwin Tangliben (BTVTEd, Class of 2026), who delivered a talk session titled ‘Significant Traits to Step Ahead’; Mr. Markson B. Mejia (BSEd Math, Class of 2011) – ‘Exponential Influence’; Dr. Jayboy Evano (BSEd English, Class of 2009) – ‘Thriving in a VUCA World and Making our Career Journey a Soul-Enriching Experience’; Mr. Jesrael Dumo (BEEd, Class of 2010) – ‘The Dual Identity of an Educator: A Profession and a Mission’; Dr. Joshua Oyon-oyon (BSEd Filipino, Class of 2012) – ‘Story of Success: Context of Resiliency and Passion in Public Service’; Mr. Realino Buragay (BSEd Sciences, Class of 2009) – ‘River’; and Mr. Nino E. Dellomas (BSEd MAPEH, Class of 2017) – ‘I am a Zone Traveler’.
The opening remarks of the afternoon event was delivered by Dr. Catherine A. De Castro (Director, Planning Management Office), while Dr. Alfonso L. Garcia, Jr. (Dean, College of Teacher Education and Midwifery) provided the closing message.

Further, the winners of the demonstration teaching per program are the following:

BEEd BEEd – Gerlie Las Pinas (3B)
BSNEd BSNEd – Alexisse Anne Escobal (3A)
BCAEd BCAEd – John Jeoffrey Mendoza (1A)
BPEd BPEd – Emmanuel Asuncion (4A)

Math – Sheena Mae Ditan (1A)
Sciences – Michaelynne Ofalsa (4A)
English – Neil Francis Dudan (4A)
Filipino – Thea Mae Alexandra Rempillo (3A)

Automotive – Robert Albatana (2A)
FSM – Madelyn Lagunsin (3A)
Elec – Noryden Alcantara (2A)

*Best Instructional Material (IM) – Alexisse Anne Escobal (BSNEd 3A)

CoTEdM Week seeks to provide avenues to inspire and empower future educators and, at the same time, recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of CoTEd students/graduates. It is a testament to the devotion and commitment of CoTEdM in shaping a transformative future of teacher education and cultivating a culture of excellence. (SorSU PIO)