Google Indexes the Sorsogon Multidisciplinary Research Journal Website; ICT Department Efforts Recognized

Sorsogon City – By being effectively indexed by Google, the Sorsogon Multidisciplinary Research Journal (SorMRJ) website has reached an important milestone. The rigorous efforts of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department played a pivotal role in ensuring the website’s compliance with indexing standards.

The first issue of the SorMRJ, which includes a wide range of academic papers from several disciplines, is currently accessible online at The publication is also pleased to report that it has successfully obtained an e-ISSN (Electronic International Standard Serial Number), enhancing its reputation as a dependable source of multidisciplinary research.

The indexed presence on Google not only enhances the journal’s reach, enabling wider academic engagement and collaboration but also signals the journal’s ongoing dedication to advancing multidisciplinary research. As it prepares for the publication of its 2nd issue, the SorMRJ continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering scholarly dialogue and promoting research accessibility worldwide. (Via SORSU – Research, Extension and Training Page)