IMPORTANT REMINDER for SorSU College Admission Test Examinees

For those with incomplete grade credentials, please comply on or before April 24, 2023. If you fail to do so, you will be marked as INCOMPLETE when the results are released and will be excluded from the ranking of successful examinees.


Admission Rating = 30% GWA of the required grade credentials + 70% obtained score from the admission test.

Grade Credentials Required:

📌SHS Graduating (currently Grade 12)

• copy of SF 9 or SF 10 reflecting G11 1st & 2nd semester to G12 1st semester (indicating the SHS Track and Strand and with GWA per semester)

📌SHS Graduate

• copy of SF 9 or SF 10 reflecting G12 1st and 2nd semester grades

📌Transferee/Second Courser

• copy of Official Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades with Certificate of GWA