SorSU Embraces 25 New Mechanical Engineers 

The Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) has just released the results for Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination that was held last February 26-27, 2023. The results show that 25 students from Sorsogon State University College of Engineering and Architecture have passed the MELE and are now Registered Mechanical Engineers.

The newly-registered Mechanical Engineers are as follows:

Engr. Haji Beruega Aguirre

Engr. Sorren Doroja Aguirre

Engr. John Patrick Espineda Austria

Engr. Johnson Castro Bolaños

Engr. Kevil Lowell Pangandoyon Camposano

Engr. Aldrin Bartolata Catamora

Engr. Cayl Bryan Estidola Co

Engr. Jhonwell Dioneda Cubacub

Engr. Fatima Diopeles Defeo

Engr. Joan Dawal Dimaano

Engr. Sarah Jane Dinglasan Dioneda

Engr. Jophet Dolot Doble

Engr. Ruffa Mercader Domalaon

Engr. Glenly Guemo Don

Engr. Pia Esternon Enano

Engr. Nelson Escarcha Endraca

Engr. Wyndell Escarcha Erpe

Engr. Selwyn Lagonoy Fuellas

Engr. Joshua Mangampo Fundales

Engr. Al Rey Escober Garais

Engr. Chandler Marcial Gemperoso

Engr. Ma. Larisa Mae Guardian

Engr. Mon Elvin Broñola Jarabejo

Engr. Alec Zedreigh Verdan Magante

Engr. Jude Bonit Sario

Twenty (20) of them are first-takers with a performance rating of 64.52%. In the overall performance, SorSU earned a 64.10% passing rate against the national passing rate of 62.17%. 

To the newly licensed mechanical engineers, your SorSU family is proud of you!

Padayon! (COEA-JFM)