LOOK: SorSU – Sorsogon City Campus buzzes with excitement as Day 1 of SorSU Games 2024 unfolds

LOOK: Sorsogon State University (SorSU)–Sorsogon City Campus buzzes with excitement as Day 1 of SorSU Games 2024 unfolds in different venues in Sorsogon City, March 13.

Badminton, chess, futsal, and sepak takraw were held inside the campus.

Badminton took place in the SorSU-SCC Octagon where players engaged in swift exchanges and precise shots, while the participants in chess competed in the SorSU E-library. Futsal teams clashed in fast-paced matches on SorSU Covered Court while athletes showcased their talents in karatedo and table tennis in the social hall. Players for sepak takraw also battled it out at the parking lot in front of Student Services Building.

Athletics, baseball, and softball was held at Gabao Airfield in San Lorenzo, Bibincahan while basketball teams ignited the gymnasium in Barangay Pangpang with every dribble and shot taken.

Meanwhile, lawn tennis was held at the Sorsogon Lawn Tennis Center (SLTC) in Guinlajon.
As Day 1 of SorSU Games came to a close, it not only showcased SorSUenos’ diverse talents and vibrant spirit but also emphasized the strong sense of community among the student body.

The Artificer | via Francine Marie Rodriguez, News Writer
Photos: Eadrielle M. Deuna (Editor-in-Chief), Jannyca T. Sanfuego (Chief Photojournalist), Mark Kharrel B. Escarcha (Junior Photojournalist), Robert T. Ditona Jr. (Junior Photojournalist), Ashley A. Dawis (Photojournalist), and Eydreian Dioquino (Associate Editor II)