Seeds of Innovation: Dagam Farm Team’s Inspiring Visit to Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus

In a remarkable display of international collaboration focused on advancing agricultural innovation and fostering knowledge exchange, the Dagam Farm Team, originating from South Korea, made a momentous campus visit to the Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus on November 20, 2023.

This significant event was made possible by the generous support of Prof. Andrew F. Detera, Campus Director, along with the unwavering dedication of the faculty and staff of Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus. The Dagam Farm Team embarked on a mission to sow the seeds of cooperation and sustainable agriculture during their visit.

Leading this mission was Mr. Kang Chang Goog, the Chief Executive Officer of Dagam Farm. He was accompanied by an esteemed group of individuals, each playing a crucial role in the endeavor. The team included Engr. Annelin Paming, Consultant for Agri-Tech International Exchange, Engr. Julian Martinez, Philippine Representative, and South Korea Representatives Ms. Jung Myeong Seo, and Mr. Kim Seung Hyun.

A notable highlight of the visit was the symbolic planting of five pili seedlings in front of the Integrated Academic Laboratory and Library Building, representing a profound commitment to growth and the sharing of knowledge.

Dr. Rose Anne Cleotilde I. Sambo, who spearheaded the campus tour, provided an enlightening overview of “abaniko,” shedding light on the historical significance of the campus and its diverse applications. The tour also featured an enjoyable ride on the iconic Philippine jeepney, demonstrating the seamless fusion of culture and education during this enriching experience.

In the afternoon, the ceremonial signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place between Sorsogon State University and Dagam Farm, marking a pivotal moment in their partnership. The MOU encompasses collaborative training, knowledge transfer relationships, internship programs, and various other areas of cooperation. The signatories of this significant agreement were Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus (SUC President III) and Mr. Kang Chang Goog (CEO, Dagam Farm), with Prof. Andrew F. Detera (Castilla Campus Director) and Mr. Kim Jong Haek (Director of Agricultural Technology Center, Changwon Special City, South Korea) serving as witnesses.

Subsequently, the Dagam Farm Team paid a courteous visit to Hon. Mayor Isagani “Bong” Mendoza of Castilla, Sorsogon, and Ms. Maria Teresa Destura, Head of Sorsogon Provincial Agriculture Office, strengthening their local connections and demonstrating their commitment to fostering collaboration at all levels.

During lunch and dinner, the visitors were treated to a delightful array of Filipino and Bicolano dishes, including adobo, shrimp sinigang, crabs, danggit, and atsara. Native delicacies added flavor to the snacks, featuring nilantang pili, nilagang kamote, kamote cue, banana cue, turon, ube halaya, kutsinta, cassava cake, and leche flan. These culinary experiences facilitated meaningful conversations about culture, life, and, of course, agriculture, enriching the overall experience.

The visit by the Dagam Farm Team not only strengthened international bonds but also underscored their unwavering dedication to propelling agricultural advancements and fostering cross-cultural learning. Sorsogon State University Castilla Campus extends its warm appreciation to the Dagam Farm Team for their invaluable contributions to the fields of agriculture and the academe. This partnership holds the promise of furthering sustainable agriculture practices and innovations in the future. (SorSU Castilla Campus)