SorSU-Bulan Campus opens new Academic Year; Welcomes newbies in PAGSIRANG 2023

As part of its objective of helping students to adjust to the university life and ensuring that they are aware of the university’s mechanisms, Sorsogon State University- Bulan Campus, through the Office of Student Development & Services and the Supreme Student Council, conducted the PAGSIRANG 2023: Welcome Day and Campus Orientation for Freshmen, Transferees, and Returnees on August 22-23, 2023, at the SorSU-BC Social Hall, as it opens the Academic Year 2023-2024.

On the first day, the participants were from the College of Business & Management Education which comprises the programs BS Accountancy, BS Accounting Information System, BS Entrepreneurship, and Bachelor in Public Administration. Participants during the second day were from the College of Information & Communications Technology which is composed of the programs BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Information Systems, and the new offering, the BTVTEd Computer Systems Servicing.

During the activity, the key officials, faculty and staff of the campus were introduced to the students. The campus facilities and environment were also presented to the students through a video presentation prepared by the Supreme Student Council. The University’s mission, vision and core values were also explained. Significant units of the university such as library, guidance & counseling, sports and arts, National Service Training Program (NSTP), medical and health, and student development and services were also discussed. Student organizations, including the student publication, were also presented during the involvement fair.

In her message, Prof. Ma. Elena C. Demdam, SorSU Bulan Campus Director, congratulated the students for being admitted to the premier higher education institution in Sorsogon, “Out of almost three thousand applicants, you are very lucky to be part of the only 690 students who were admitted to Sorsogon State University – Bulan Campus.”

She also reminded the students that such privilege comes with responsibility of being a student that deserves the investment of the Filipino people given the free higher education program that they enjoy.

On the second day, the activity was graced by the university president, Dr. Geraldine F. De Jesus, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jhonlery D. Ricafort, and the Sorsogon City Campus Director, Dr. Telesforo Escoto.

Dr. De Jesus highlighted the infrastructure development projects that have been granted to SorSU-Bulan Campus for implementation next year. These include a new air-conditioned gymnasium, a new CICT academic building, and the completion of the existing construction of CBME academic building. These projects are on top of the existing construction of the new campus main gate, and new administration building. She also explained the University’s tagline “Pamantasang May Puso.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ricafort commended the College of ICT for having the curricula for its program offerings reviewed and revised in accordance with the needs of the industry. He also mentioned various scholarship programs that the students may enjoy while studying in SorSU.

The PAGSIRANG 2023 has been part of the traditions of SorSU-Bulan Campus which gives opportunity for students to meet the members of the academic community and be informed of the policies, guidelines, and procedures that affect them as primary clients of the University.