SorSU-Castilla 4th-year BAT student Ganza seizes 2nd Place at 2nd Kabataang Organic Agriculture (OA) Quiz Bee

The Sorsogon State University (SorSU) proudly congratulates 4th-year Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (BAT) student Kean Erick Ganza from SorSU-Castilla Campus for successfully winning 2nd Place during the 2nd Kabataang Organic Agriculture (OA) Quiz Bee last November 23, 2023, at Rural Development Education Center (RDEC), Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Central Office, Diliman, Quezon City.

The national competition is intended to foster awareness about organic agriculture and, at the same time, increase enrollment in agriculture and agriculture-related programs through the conduct of an agricultural quiz bee with an emphasis on OA production technologies and practices (DA ATI, 2023).

The SorSU Community extends its earnest congratulations to his coach, Mr. Marlon G. Gabelo, Prof. Andrew F. Detera (Campus Director, SorSU Castilla Campus), Mr. Jobert C. Arcilla (Program Chair, BAT-Castilla), and most importantly, to Mr. Kean Erick Ganza for his hard work, determination, and dedication to not just winning the national competition but also to pursuing the standard of academic excellence that the University upholds. (SorSU PIO)