SorSU Castilla Campus: Day 2 of AACCUP Accreditation Highlights

The second day of the 3rd survey and Phase II Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Online Program Accreditation was marked by significant discussions and achievements last November 28, 2023.

AACCUP accreditors, Dr. Manuel Gacutan Jr. and Dr. Deejay M. Lumanao, with the day’s proceedings via Zoom. The program began with an opening prayer and an impressive presentation by Mr. Brian Gabriel J. Buenaobra, showcasing the Program Narrative Profile Consortia and Linkages.

Topics covered included research linkages, extension projects, library collaborations, scholarship opportunities, and success stories like Mr. Joshua Rellora’s farm trainee position in Australia. Dr. Manuel Gacutan Jr. praised the narrative’s benefits for students and faculty, emphasizing the importance of employment solutions through On-the-job training ( OJT ) opportunities.

The program also included a Hybrid Session Orientation for students and encouragement from Dr. Manuel Gacutan Jr. for faculty members, including Ph.D. holders, to pursue doctoral aspirations. The faculty-member exchange was recognized as a milestone for international collaboration. Dr. Deejay M. Lumanao congratulated Mr. Brian Gabriel Buenaobra for his contributions.

A virtual laboratory tour of Sorsogon State University-Castilla Campus covered various aspects such as rice production, agricultural partnerships, poultry facilities, and more. Discussions included chemical waste disposal practices and laboratory advancements.

Stakeholders and beneficiaries praised SorSU – Castilla Campus for its impact on their livelihoods, lauding the knowledge imparted for production, processing, and learning experiences.

In the afternoon, The AACCUP accreditors, led by Dr. Manuel Gacutan Jr. and Dr. Deejay M. Lumanao, conducted an assessment of classroom activities during a demo teaching session as part of the BSA AACCUP Accreditation process at Sorsogon State University-Castilla Campus.

Ms. Agnes Loria delivered a comprehensive lesson on Crop Protection 3 to BSA-CS 3A students. Following the session, the accreditors interviewed Ms. Loria about the grading system and lesson objectives. They provided constructive suggestions to enhance teaching quality.

The accreditors emphasized the significance of this accreditation for advancing campus facilities and services, and they congratulated the faculty for their efforts.

Prof. Andrew Detera conveyed his appreciation to the accreditors and underscored the profound significance of such initiatives in the context of campus advancement and the pursuit of educational excellence. The accreditation process, in its essence, serves as a catalyst for enhancing teaching quality and elevating the overall educational environment at SorSU-CC.

Written and Photos by:

Kristine Equipado, Rizza Jean Lasay and Claire Arena (The Bloom)

Ivana Juvel Dollesin and EJ Arcos Jr.