SorSU Castilla Campus spearheads ‘Agroecology and Climate Change Forum’ in line with Environmental Awareness Month Celebration

SorSu-CC, – The Agroecology and Climate Change Forum, organized by the SorSU-CC Animal Science Students Organization (SorSU-CC ASSO), was held last November 14, 2023, at the Farmer’s Training Center Hall of SorSu-CC. With the theme “Growing Resilience: Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing Climate,” the forum was aligned with the nationwide celebration of environmental awareness throughout the month of November. The event started with Ms. Claire Duazo introducing the resource speakers who shared their expertise and insights on agroecology, climate change, and the pivotal role of the youth in environmental conservation.

As the first resource speaker, Dr. Virginia Talens, Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of Climate Change Network for Community-based Initiatives (CCNCI), discussed agroecology and climate change orientation. Dr. Talens, offered an in-depth discussion of the intricate relationship between agroecology and climate change. She explained the devastating effects of global warming on agriculture and the environment, as well as feasible solutions to these problems. Dr. Talens emphasized the need of addressing climate change that endangers food security and livelihoods of the vulnerable sectors. Her lecture stressed the vital significance of agroecological techniques in climate change resilience, such as crop diversification, organic farming, and regenerative agriculture.

Following Dr. Talens, Ms. Eiren Gee Buenviaje, Regional Coordinator of Youth Advocates for Climate Action-Philippines (YACAP) focused on the critical role of youth in combating climate change and protecting the environment. She stressed that youth of today are active agents of change, with their passion, creativity, and devotion playing a critical role in crafting a sustainable future.. She asked the audience to take actions and push for environmental legislation and practices that promote sustainability. She also emphasized the different initiatives and campaigns spearheaded by young organizations, such as YACAP, to increase awareness, promote sustainable practices, and lobby for climate policies.

Throughout the forum, speakers, students, and farmers shared valuable insights on how to mitigate climate change while promoting eco-friendly management practices in agriculture. The event underscored the importance of individual awareness and responsibility in addressing environmental issues, particularly climate change. It also presented sustainable programs for enhancing productivity and fostering innovation in the agriculture sector. In the closing remarks, Ms. Claribel O. Escreza expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Rose Anne Cleotilde I. Sambo, SorSU-CC ASSO adviser, for her invaluable guidance and appreciation for the dedicated faculty members, student organizations, farmers, and students who contributed significantly to the event’s success.

The collective effort and support from these individuals and groups highlighted the importance of collaboration in addressing the pressing issues of agroecology, climate change, and environmental conservation. The Agroecology and Climate Change Forum served as an eye-opener to promote agroecology and sustainable practices towards a more sustainable and resilient future. (SorSU Castilla Campus)