SorSU-CC share love and kindness through a Christmas party for Children of Mayon, Castilla, Sorsogon

SorSU- CC came bearing gifts not just wrapped in paper and bows, but wrapped in love and kindness through a Christmas party for Children of Mayon, Castilla, Sorsogon.

The Supreme Student Council extends its heartfelt gratitude to an incredible group of individuals and organizations. Sir Andrew F. Detera, Campus Director, Sir Achilles Honasan, SSC Adviser, Ma’am Michell L. Matienzo, Student Council Affairs Coordinator, along with the SSU-CC Clubs, ROTC, NSTP-Kaagapay, SorSUndayag, CAAC, and FAE for their invaluable contributions. 

The Council expresses its gratitude to Mayor Isagani “Bong” Mendoza, Tau Gamma Phi’s Mayon Chapter, Brgy Kagawad Leting, Melchor Candia, Mayon SK Chairperson, and our esteemed sponsors: Ma’am Riza Vilbar, Ma’am Agnes Loria, Gerard Gabito and Rosalie Gabito, Sir Eddie Bernardo, Ma’am Genly Morante, Ricky Datiles, Cristina Ergina, Lehi Esperida, Cherry Ardales, Joan Matamorosa Abenion, Elvie Llona, Larry Dolosa, Ula Maceda Latuga, Ivy January Maceda, Leomila Janer-Marchan, Cherry Mallo and Roman Domanico. Your generous support has made our initiatives possible, and we deeply appreciate your kindness and commitment to our cause.Indeed, the true essence of the holidays lies not in the grandeur of presents, but in the embrace of togetherness and the joy of giving. May the spirit of this celebration continue to resonate and embrace the joy of Christmas. (From SSU Supreme Student Council – Castilla Campus)