The Sorsogon State University “Employees Day”, held on May 23, 2024, was a celebration under the theme “SorSU Employees: Enhancing Teamwork, Celebrating Work Productivity”.

The event commenced with a Basketball Game. Following this, attendees participated in different “Laro ng Lahi” such as Agawan ng Biik, Tug of War, Sack Race, Basagan ng Palayok, Taranugan Dagum and Ubusan ng Lahi.

A boodle fight took place at lunchtime where everyone enjoyed Filipino dishes. This communal dining strengthened the bonds among university’s employees, highlighting the significance of teamwork and camaraderie. The celebration continued with a Bingo Social in the afternoon.

The “Employees Day” not only served as a platform to recognize the hard work of the university employees but also promoted a sense of belongingness. (SorSU PIO)